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05-04-14, 11:18 PM
Hi all! I know I haven't posted in a while, but that's mainly due to my music degree requiring a lot the last month and a half for concerts and recitals. Because of that insanity, I definitely waited until the last second for a few things!

I wrote a 500 word essay two hours before it was due for one class. And interestingly enough the teacher commented that he knew people did that, it freaked me out! I also assembled an entire PowerPoint presentation the day before it was due without letting my group mates really see it before. They trusted me and some how that got an A :) and for my music theory final I had to cram a semester worth of atonal theory, 12 tone sequencing, and a ton of weird terms in 1 hour (I thought the exam started 3 hours later than it really did thanks to misreading)! I'm so freaking bad about procrastinating, but it's the only way I function! I also misread an excerpt board requirement and learned 3 excerpts I didn't need and then had 3 days to learn the ones I DID need :(

I don't necissarily blame this all my ADHD, I mean every student procrastinates, but we all know ADHD doesn't help out much! Aside from giving creative ideas for projects, sometimes I feel like that's a positive aspect of my ADHD brain jumping around all sorta of things :D

Anyone else have some crazy stories to share??? Let's all be happy finals are over (or almost) by laughing at the crazy things we sometimes do!

05-06-14, 11:05 AM
I learnt one if the hardest machine learning courses in the uni, mostly taken by crazy maths guys who did maths before uni in 36 hours and took the exam at 9am. Ty adhd and going without sleep!

05-06-14, 11:12 AM
I wrote 2 papers, finished a video project, and took an online test in one night, because I wouldn't have time to do them later.

05-06-14, 11:14 AM
I remember all of us sitting outside our dorm rooms trying to study for this history final, someone thought we would remember the stuff better if we "acted it out".
which ended up in crazy random nonsense, and this girl chasing another very short girl down the hallway, yelling, "I'm Mussolini, you be Rome and I'll march on you!".
(ok it was funny at the time...)

I rewrote biology notes in tiny writing on a huge piece of paper thinking it would be mentally simpler to say "I just have to learn this one sheet of paper". Fainted in a McDonald's during the bus ride back from college.

05-08-14, 12:57 AM
Are you ok?!?!

05-08-14, 01:25 AM
Are you ok?!?!

you mean me?
yes that happened in 1987 ! :)

05-08-14, 01:59 AM
....In the middle of finals, 2nd semester my first year .....I was invited to go riding up near Forest Lawn ...( a famous California cemetary) friends dad had a few acres adjoining ........we both rode on her dad's horse, an ex-circus horse ....about 27 hands high big sucker .....anyway when we got to the top of the hill, Georgia said take him now and she got off ....

......what I didn't know was that the horse loved to go over to the cemmetary cause he loved that delicious grass they grew .....and it was located down a rather steep hill he grabbed the bit in his teeth and took off a dead run ....I started to slide off and thought ...oh well, he has a bad front leg and that looks like a cliff he's running to I just let myself slide off.....and NOT putting my hands out so as not to break my arm, ( or arms) I was prone to breaking my left arm ....had done it twice so far in my short 18 year life ....

...However, when I stood up ....the mountains grew and shrank and went from plaid to paisley and back again.....didn't know that you could hallucinate with pain ...( you can)

.....Managed to get off the mountain, and to my dad's office ( he was a doctor) ...and found I had cracked my pelvic bone in 3 places .....

...So I didn't study for my American History exam ....

...Now I adored this teacher, and never missed a class, he called me Buffalo Gal, cause I always wore a fringed buckskin jacket, with 2 foot fringe on the sleeves and back .....and when I crutched into the room the next day ....he leaned over the lectern, and raising his eyebrows into his hairline, in his oh so round and perfectly modulated tones, asked me ....."Well ...and what happened to you ???" ( think.. the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland") and I told him I had fallen off a horse ....I thought he'd choke to death trying to stifle his laughter ....

...oh and I aced that exam ....his lectures were so vivid and memorable, I knew the stuff from his lectures .....

05-20-14, 09:15 AM
I took AP American History in highschool and was extremely negligent all term in showing up to class and handing in my assignments. The day before the test I took off from school and studied the whole day. I got a 4 out of 5, I was one of the only students in the class to do so, it was pretty cool.

Most of the time trying to pull it out of my *** doesn't work though.

05-20-14, 12:47 PM
This may sound kind of ... I don't even know. Perhaps it doesn't qualify as a perfect "final story", but I think it sort of is.

3rd semester of college, a woman who I was very much in love with dumped me right before my "Logic" final. I was beside myself, didn't study after; didn't sleep a wink. I was really sad but I didn't blame her at all (I also wasn't even mad for a second about the final - we had just discussed how I wasn't going to bother studying - I did fine. She knew I would or she would have held back).

It's around 14 years later and I can still see how she marked my life in a lot of ways. Funny how I'm thinking about this as I just posted a bit of logic on this forum. And we hadn't kept in touch at all since then. She actually died very recently. :(

Sorry if this is the strangest post ever.

05-20-14, 02:07 PM
Course in the immune system and microbiology. Worth 2/3 of the semester's credits (3-4 months?). I didn't even attend all the lectures because of my wacky sleep schedule at the time. Had barely opened any textbook or looked at the handouts.

I read through all the handouts the 2-3 days before the exam (only had "concentration" to read them once, and no note-taking). Got 80%. I don't understand how I did that.

I have a lot of "last minute presentations/essays" because most presentations/essays I've done are. But my favorite is probably in English class in high school. We were supposed to read a modern classic (I took Jekyll and Hyde) and write some sort of... I don't remember, psychological analysis maybe? as homework.

So I didn't do it. On the lecture we were supposed to hand it in, I guess I was a bit scolded by the teacher. I took some loose paper of various sizes and during that hour wrote a pretty advanced piece applying various Jungian concepts to the Jekyll-Hyde uh... duality. Got an A, haha.

05-20-14, 03:34 PM
Assembly language practicals...

Never attended any lectures or lab sessions And never opened a textbook. For the practical exam we knew we would be asked to write one of 35 programs. I had no clue about assembly language so the night before I memorized 30 of those 35 programs line by line by using word associations..not sure what it's called. like mnemonics. I did that a lot!!!

During the exam we were randomly assigned one program to write and demonstrate. I got one of the 5 programs I didn't memorize. I had no clue how to actually program in assembly language so I asked for a change. .and got the 2nd of the 5 programs I didn't memorize :lol:

I just about passed. (I cheated and copied from my friend who had the same program:o)

I just realized I'm not even sure how to spell.program. .or or programme??? :doh:

05-20-14, 04:07 PM
A few of these reminded me of AP Calculus. I always worked things out from the ground up and as very slow and couldn't keep up with the pace of solving problems in the class, .. but I get to the final and everyone is telling me that speed is essential.. come on steve, .. the teacher has been talking about this all year. We need to be able to plug it into our fancy graphing calculators and get the answer. (Oh yeah,.. well, of course I remember, after all she's been saying this all year, .. don't insult me!! :doh::doh: :lol:)

So I go mad downloading all these programs and functions from friends and I'm so HYPER that I couldn't remember a stitch of actual calculus. Test time!! I open the list of functions in my TI-82.. WHOAA!!!! I have no idea what anything is. I try opening a few and most of them turn out to be games like space invaders or pole position. I can't find the functions that I walked in knowing and for "calculator problems" I tried entering the numbers into different programs more to figure out what that program did rather than to actually get an answer. Then once, I thought I knew approximately what each program did I could work backwards and figure out which was giving me the most relevant answer. Next calculator problem: zero recollection of what I concluded each function did.

Other than when I absoltuely had to, I barely used my TI-82 on the test. I couldn't. All well that ends well: I got a 3. Exemption but no credits. Same thing happened in physics.

05-20-14, 05:47 PM
AP calculus final: free-response was a problem about a sky-diver. Part of the question was what would his terminal velocity be? It's around 4 hrs into the exam and like 4 days into AP week, so I'm totally fried and running out of time. I've got like a page and a half of calculations, take the final limit as x approaches infinity, and get . . . negative infinity. All I can do is imagine the poor skydiver rocketing into the stratosphere at infinite velocity. . . I looked at the page of notes, said a silent apology for the poor skydiver, and turned in my exam. . . did ok, too.

On my Spanish final, my friend was in trouble so the only thing we could do together was study. So we took the book and randomly studied the chapter on animals for an hour goofing off Got to the exam, and I had to stop myself from dancing on the table because the entire oral section was describing a zoo!

05-20-14, 09:33 PM
AP calculus final: ..problem about a sky-diver. Part of the question was what would his terminal velocity be? ..I've got like a page and a half of calculations, take the final limit as x approaches infinity, and get . . . negative infinity.
All I can do is imagine the poor skydiver rocketing into the stratosphere at infinite velocity.

I love this!

05-26-14, 01:15 AM
I always mess up when it comes to the final hahaha. still got all B's this semester though.

My one online class had a online quiz and an essay due the same day. I got so tired from studying that I didn't wind up turning in the essay. I also missed a few homeworks because I turned in the homework a minute too late or I was too tired. Moral of the story, don't do an online class.

05-26-14, 07:31 AM
Sallleh!!!! Oh lord that sounds horrible , whatever happened to the horse