View Full Version : Golden hour

05-05-14, 12:45 AM
At noon the mountains faded into a reef of disrythmic heartbeats. Everything is always burning. These vast reaches of dreams which panel the sky like tiles of clouds dripping down in memories of Verona we were so happy and young, like we had transcended death and come back rich. There the air swam with good intentions and inspiration, I'd been given discernment for atmospheric hope and love and boredom was behind me. Now in this dark place amongst the bones I test my rules to find out how far my actions are tied to my standing in the opinions of my captors. In the warzones I've breathed in sprays of arterial mist as bombs and bullets ruptured their heads and torsos beside me as we ran clearing blocks of the dust-spooled city so awash with bits of charred and severed exlife they rolled across the floors in the wind like snow through a forest and I once relieved myself into a river which in the next morning's light I realized was gushed red. I regarded every horizon as a challenge, regardless of the conditions. I dropped many things abruptly just to prove to myself again that I could pick them back up with the same constant force, that this was a trait after all, and not a lie.