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05-09-14, 11:56 AM
Hi all,

Starting in a week or so, I'll be participating in a medical trial for a form of extended release concerta that's supposed to last more than 12 hours (I'll let you guys know how this works). Anyway, in the past I have dealt with some severe panic attacks although I've fortunately have not had any recently. I'm concerned that taking a stimulant could make my anxiety worse, but I'm wondering if the extended release (ER) could help prevent this, since there are supposed to be fewer peaks and troughs?

Also just interested in hearing about experiences people have had concerning anxiety and ER stimulants.

Thanks in advance for your time, this forum has been really helpful!:yes:

05-09-14, 12:55 PM
My speculation: If you are one of the people who metabolize methylphenidate in close to the average way, this is likely to be an advantage for you. If (on the other hand) you are one of those who has to take very high or very low doses, or has to take it much more or much less often than other people, then this ER formula might be less likely to suit you.

If you haven't taken methylphenidate at all before, and this is a new experience altogether for you but your doctor is suggesting it, then certainly try it.

05-12-14, 08:08 AM
Thanks dvd. Anyone else have experience with extended release and anxiety?

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05-13-14, 11:33 AM
I have both. Bad.

Honestly, I've had panic attacks on them simply because of the way that the medication makes me feel, but they are very rare and never happen again if I consistently take them for some time. Plus, the XR is much less likely to cause a panic attack than any form of IR. Sometimes on the XR people don't even feel it.

I learned how to control the panic attacks too, which helps me significantly. You really just need to know how to rationalize them and understand that there is a panic attack occuring. I would say that 90%+ of the people (including myself) feel like they're going to have a heart attack or think that they will. This is not true and its simply a result of the panic. You just need to recognize whats happening and you'll be fine on the XR.

After a while though, the medication actually reduces anxiety when I'm on it.

I also got anti-anxiety drugs in case a bad panic attack occurs. Just knowing that I have them makes me feel better.