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05-09-14, 04:24 PM
Hi all, I wanted to post and ask if anyone had tried an alternative private school for their child? We are looking at a school near us for our 7yr old that uses the Gardner theory of multiple intelligences as a basis for learning, it's kind of like Montessori in that the kids use lots of hands on materials and there is a lot of individual work. The school is less than a 100 kids for PreK-8th grade.

Our son has a high IQ and does very well academically in school. He has an ADHD diagnosis for the hyperactive/impulsive type, he does not have any attention deficit. He also has a mild case of Tourettes.

He is currently in a small Catholic school where he is pretty well behaved in class but has a hard time at recess, waiting in lines, and during PE with hyperactivity and not listening, the teacher reports that if the class is doing something challenging he is highly engaged and zero trouble. If he thinks it's dull he's more apt to bug the kids around him or get out of his seat. His best day of the week is always Friday because they have all their tests on Friday and he loves tests cause they're hard. :o

He is currently only taking 1mg of Tenex a day, mostly for tics, and has done poorly on other adhd medication. He's a happy little guy, easy to live with at home, and does well in school, so I'm hesitant to try more meds at this point because it would primarily be to help his recess and PE behavior.

Anyway I would like to find a school that can engage him without giving him too much freedom to go wild. At home he is constantly working on projects, he writes poetry, he's built an AM radio, he's a lego mastermind...I would love for him to go to a school that allows him to have more of that kind of experience. His doctor thinks it may not be structured enough for him. I would love to hear from anyone with a hyperactive child who has tried any of these alternative schools or anyone that has any thoughts. Thanks!

05-09-14, 04:33 PM
Its true that kids with adhd thrive with structure but its also true that if they are physically and mentally engaged that they well. Its a tough call to make.

05-09-14, 07:22 PM
I would ask if you can go observe the classroom he would be in for a day, and look at all the curriculum materials. Sitting there watching what is going on and picturing your child in that setting can be a huge help.