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05-10-14, 03:27 AM
This is my first post (other than the intro forum) and I am tackling a tough subject for me.

I have long since had a problem with alcohol. Not a "wake up in the morning and have a scotch" problem but a problem nonetheless. Rarely does a day go by when I dont have a drink and I certainly find it tough to just have one. It has got worse in the last year and I have put that down to stress of moving jobs, countries etc.

In parallel : I have found my ADHD getting really bad in the last 6-9 months and finally decided to do something about it. I started taking Strattera and *think* that it is helping. I am definitely more clear in the head, have more energy and can focus way more than before. I can read a book again and can concentrate through meetings, not completely but more than before. Im only 10 days in so who know what will happen in the future.....

However; what I have noticed is that I have found it easer to not drink. I am on an extended business trip and always try to use these as an opportunity to dry out and typically fail. This time though, I feel clearer throughout the day and do not have any of the fog that comes with acute ADHD. That fog was previously lifted after a glass of wine.....

As I feel pretty good I am finding it easier to sit and read a book or go for a walk as opposed to medicating myself with booze. (the irony that I am still medicating myself but with something different is not lost on me).

I wonder if all this is in my mind or if others have found a direct relationship with ADHD and substance abuse and whether once the ADHD is tackled the addiction is impacted.

05-10-14, 08:08 AM
I am an alcoholic.(sober as well) Untreated, my adhd was 100 times worse and abusing alcohol was par for the course. Treating adhd definitely has made a difference in my alcohol abuse. I personally have things that I need to do to maintain my sobriety but the mental addiction has been almost eliminated. There are a ton of studies that show that people with untreated adhd and substance abuse issues often have a difficult time staying sober. If you think you may be an alcoholic I encourage you to consider therapy or a substance abuse counselor.

05-13-14, 02:09 AM
Many thanks for your thoughtful and honest response.

I certainly feel that the mental addiction is the one that I feel has been reduced by treating my ADHD. In the end though I agree with you, a problem with booze is a problem with booze and needs to be confronted.

05-14-14, 12:06 AM
Sarah hit it right on....I was not diagnosed
adhd until 2 years ago. A year and a half
before diagnoses, I (did not realize at the
time) that I began self medicating with

It took a while for me to find the right med
combo, and although I am prescribed
klonopin because my brain/body is
physically dependent on benzodiazapine,
I have absolutley no desire to abuse.

IMO untreated adhd is disasterous. I truly
believe from my own experience if adhd
is treated properly, the need to abuse goes

06-03-14, 06:16 AM
Andy, I have also have my troubles with alcohol, mostly binge drinking. I used to always crave alcohol, mainly i think to calm my brain. I've had many episodes of binge drinking and blacking out. Getting into my late 30's and with kids, this is not something i wanted to continue, and it was affecting my marriage. I looked into ADD and discovered most with ADD have troubles with drug/alcohol abuse, so i got diagnosed about a year ago along with anxiety.

After trying many different meds, i started taking Strattera. I can't say definitively that it's working for my ADD, but i have been noticing that my desire for alcohol is almost gone. I used to crave it most evenings and could easily drink 6 or so on a weekend, searching for that buzzed feeling. Now I really don't have the cravings and i can have a couple and be fine with it. I feel the desire to get drunk almost not there anymore.

It's good to know someone else is having the same experience.
Good luck to you, thanks for posting,