View Full Version : wow! i feel some relief!

05-12-14, 04:19 PM
Ok so no diagnosis of adhd yet but just found out that the learning disability i have are classic symptoms of it. I have to do the. Neuropsych testing to get a more definitive answer, but feeling good because i dont feel as blind, sucks it went undetected for so long!

05-12-14, 04:30 PM


So happy to hear this! It's been such a long freaking journey for you :(.

05-12-14, 04:37 PM
Thanks psycho! ((((Hugs))))
Basically the learning disability result was from a memory test done some years ago and it was a very basic answer but today i found out that it means that i have a short attention span, hard to stay on topic, and i was fidgety and maybe more but i cant remember, go figure lol