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05-13-14, 02:59 PM
Hey folks,

Been lurking for a while, finding this forum VERY useful!

Today, I decided to give back with something I've created.

A quick bit about me: 35 years old, diagnosed as a child with ADD - inattentive type. I resonate most with descriptions of SCT. Currently on Adderall.

I created this self diagnostic tool ( E55GPDC7du7NaY)to track my own brain function. I will be using this daily, almost as a journal to find out what works and what doesn't. This is a Google Form Template that anyone can copy, modify, and use for their own purposes.

The assessment covers
Meds - Populated with my current meds, feel free to change
Diet - Right now, I'm only concerned with breakfast, but I will probably add lunch, and track afternoon impact.
Energy level - From Blah to ZAM!
Clarity level - From dirty window to electron microscope

Animal type - "What animal do you feel like today?" A qualitative "how do I feel" view. Options include:

Jellyfish (mindless, floating)
Sloth (slow, unmotivated)
Worker bee (productive but unimaginative)
Moon Moon (oblivious, happily energetic, dumber than a rock)
Rabbit (frantic, jittery, scattered)
Schrodinger's cat (felt high potential, but it was an illusion)
Raven (curious, productive, distractible)
Eagle (focused, anxious, agitated)
Jaguar (focused, deliberate, deadly effective)

Measures - A more quantitative view. You'd have to make these specific to you, but for me, these things help to define success. Not just how I feel, but pointing to some specific, repeatable things.

Measure 1: # of words written on my novel
Measure 2: List of tasks accomplished at work
Measure 3: amount of time taken to complete a difficult Sudoku puzzle ( a sort of stand-in for processing speed

Enjoy, hope it helps others.

05-13-14, 04:02 PM
I should add that this assessment is at least partly inspired by Brandon Sanderson. In his newest book, Words of Radiance, Sanderson has a character who wakes up every morning with a different intelligence level. King Taravangian never knows whether he will wake up as a genius or an imbecile. So, on a particularly brilliant day, he makes a series of tests for himself. Every morning he has to take a test. The results determine what he is allowed to do that day, whether he can enact policy, make decisions, etc.

Brilliant chapter and idea, and you can read it for free over on Tor's blog. (

05-13-14, 06:04 PM
And if you want to see the actual form, here it is. (