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05-13-14, 04:18 PM
I'm 19 years old and Lifting weights has been my outlet and a way for me to cope with my ADHD. But I recently got my rotator cuff injured and I cant do almost any movement with both arms for who knows how long. Driving, eating, getting dressed, etc is a pain now.

Now I have no way to cope with my ADHD and am becoming more and more depressed and idk what to do. I'm currently at a community college and I'm losing motivation to continue studying because I simply cant focus on my work. Also the pain is distracting as well. I also have anxiety along with my ADHD, and they are both unmedicated. I don't like taking medication for anything, but at this point I don't know of any other options.

Basically, I'm becoming depressed to the point where I don't want to talk to anyone, or do absolutely anything. Getting out of bed is hard. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

05-13-14, 05:09 PM
Hey, this is a tough place for you to be in. You obviously value your lifting and it's clear why it helps and that it's good for you.

Especially because it's both arms, I'm assuming that your injury comes from the lifting itself; in one way this is a wake-up call for you, to recognize your own limits, to only push a little bit beyond them, and to schedule some regular reasonable down time where you don't lift.

Enough of that, though, because today you're kind of stuck. What you need is other ways of coping. The weight lifting has been so good for you that you haven't had a chance to develop other strategies, other ways of keeping yourself sane.

When you talk about medication, are you talking about for rotator-cuff pain, or for ADHD and/or anxiety?

I'm a "natural couch potato" type of guy who needs to kick myself to get moving. Everything I know for sure about exercise can basically be written on the palm of my hand, so maybe I'm not the best one to give advice to you about which other coping strategies you might try. But... with arms and shoulders bad enough that driving and eating cause pain, your physical options might be limited. Can you think of any exercise outlets that won't cause pain or allow you to re-injure? As far as getting through this tough time, let's say basically some type of intense legs-only cardio? It won't be your favorite thing, but it might be enough to get you through a bad time. Tiring cardio exercise is usually enough to take the edge off. I don't think it takes the same meditative focus that lifting does, so it might feel frustrating, but better than nothing.

Which leads to... do you meditate or do anything else like that? Mindfulness, any of those things? Re-organizing and calming your mind without being very physical about it is not easy for everyone. Many people who meditate find that if they move constantly then they meditate better. Don't forget that meditation is really about the mind, and that if your mind works better when your body is in motion, then it's legitimate to meditate in motion. You don't have to sit with your legs crossed and your hands on your knees to be meditating. :)

05-14-14, 06:02 AM
I know you say you dont like taking medication for anything but think of it this way: If you were diabetic you would take insuline, if you had strep throat you would take antibiotics right? Because if you didnt you could die. Now mind you, you may not specifically die from untreated adhd but research points to treating adhd as the best way to avoid potentially life threatening consequences. When I was unmedicated, I engaged in some seriously risk taking behaviors which resulted in traffic tickets, near-arrests, public outbursts, foot in mouth syndrome, shattered relationships and most of all I was not the best mother that I knew I could be. You are injured and not only should you feel comfortable taking something for the pain, you could look at your brain is sort of being "injured" as in, your brain does not function normally because of adhd. It will always be like that and in most cases medication is the best treatment. Let yourself heal from the lifting and consider some light/moderate cardio, even if its a fast walk. Get some sunshine to keep that vitamin D in check. Is the anxiety a diagnosed condition or a result of your current circumstances?

05-14-14, 09:34 AM
If lifting weights helped you handle adhd and anxiety without medication, it's really great!

How long have you been doing this? Did you work out with a trainer or a supervisor? If not, it might be a good idea to get one to help you find some exercises that don't require you to use this muscle. Also, working with a trainer or following a specific program might help not over-doing ti.

If a trainer is expensive, you might try walking on a treadmill or a recumbentbicycle. It won't give you the same work-out as weight lifting, but it's better than nothing.

05-17-14, 04:01 PM
I also do weight training to help my anxiety. It works but I need to rest and eat good and do light exercise then the body is tired.

Training is amazing :yes:

05-19-14, 04:57 AM
When I was your age I exercised a lot to cope with my own mind. Sooner or later the problem you have now would arise. Get medicated I wish I had at your age, I wish. Your brain problem will never go away but injuries always come. Maybe this is the opportunity to go down this path. The medication is better than you imagine. Also get a good psychiatrist , no crap