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This thread is meant to learn, clarify, understand and define known terminology related to the field of Epigenetics.

What is Epigenetics?

What is epigenesis?

What are epigenetic mechanisms?

What are epigenetic factors?

What are epigenetic processes?

What is epigenetic inheritance?

What are epigenetic markers?

What are epigenetic modifications?

What is epigenome?

What are epigenetic signatures?

Additions, subtractions, appreciated.

(Are these factors and processes involved in this example below, epigenetic factors and epigenetic processes?

(If so, why?)

(If not, why not?)etc...

Epigenetic mechanisms are affected by theses factors and processes:

-Development (in utero, childhood)

-Environmental chemicals



-Diet 2

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In the article below, "stress hormone causes epigenetic changes".

The stress hormone causes epigenetic changes.

Is the stress hormone causing epigenetic changes, considered epigenetic, or, an epigenetic factor, or, an epigenetic stressor(cause), or stressor(cause)?

Opinions, additions/substractions..

Stress Hormone Causes Epigenetic Changes (


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I think that the single most important factor that *we* need to consider re:epigenetics is that stress (starvation) has resulted in the emergence of a new species (ADDer = thrifty gene) with very specific metabolic properties -
who're completely destroyed by life in current society.

Too much psych distress / Too much protein/carbs


Evolution tries to optimise survival fitness - we result
- we need next to no food.

But that's not what we consume in reactive stress to Western pointless life living
- where the point of life appears to eat yourself to death.

Go - Western style competitive/materialistic/consumerist/immoral practices !!!
Human beings are oh so clever.