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05-15-14, 03:27 PM
DS is 8 years old (will be 9 in July). He was diagnosed with ADHD-combined, though more on the inattentive side and was developmentally delayed but has caught up. He does take meds (focalin XR 30 mgs and Guanfacine). He has been playing soccer since he was 4 YO, but really is not an athlete and did not make an academy program that he just tried out for. He also does karate. He is just not a very athletic/coordinated individual and that is ok. We love him for who and what he is. But, we are not willing to allow him to sit around and play on the computer and with video games all day. And, we'd love get him involved in another sport. What has been your experience for your ADHD child when it comes to sports - team or individual? What does your child participate in? He doesnt want to try anything else, but we would like to push him down another path for a variety of reasons. Thanks so much in advance...

05-15-14, 03:44 PM
I'm not saying the computer and video games all day are so great, but in my opinion "pushing him down another path" of your choosing is likely to be a sad and painful experience for him. Forcing an athletic kid to sit and play checkers all the time is obviously a bad idea - where do we get that forcing a non-athletic kid into sports could be a good idea?

Making sure he does different things, not only video games all the time, is fine. But don't push him to be something (and someone) he's not. You're very unlikely to change his personality or his nature, and much more likely to give him a painful embarrassing experience that he'll carry the scars of for the rest of his life.

05-15-14, 03:47 PM
I thoroughly enjoy martial arts and distance running my family are all pretty athletic and martial arts particularly were a great way of getting out frustration.

However like DVD has said forcing him into something he doesn't like could be difficult and unpleasant for him. Most clubs and sports offer taster sessions if you could maybe take him to a taster session at a few different clubs I.e karate and maybe soccer or something like that you could get an idea of what sports he does like then take it further from there

05-15-14, 03:49 PM
Great points, dvdnvwls. You are exactly right and i suppose I should have phrased my question differently. We want to only push him to try new things and trying to figure out what things to suggest is the issue. He is a kid who would be very ok with just sitting and watching tv, playing on the computer or playing video games. And, though Im ok with that in moderation and even a little more than moderation given that those are his interests, we don't want him to be so totally sedentary that he becomes unhealthy. So, I suppose Im more asking, realizing that there is no "typical" ADHDer, what activities/sports can we suggest to him that he try (if he flat out refuses to try football or we don't think that would be a good fit for him, then we wouldn't put him through that misery).

05-15-14, 03:51 PM
Thanks, Flory. He is a Green Belt/Black Stripe in karate and getting ready to test for his purple belt soon. He'll definitely continue with karate as it has been a major help with his delays.

05-15-14, 03:58 PM
what about music?

05-15-14, 04:02 PM
Yes - he is taking beginning piano and he does like it. And, he'll continue with it. I think once he learns to read the music, he'll want to move to different instruments as well. But, it is very sedentary.

05-15-14, 04:03 PM
In my experience, the social aspect of sports was a big problem. I didn't understand or get along with other boys, and I was scared of looking bad and being immature. I still mostly don't understand boys :) - my friends are mostly female.

So... one suggestion is the solitary activities like running and cycling.

05-15-14, 04:15 PM
In my experience, the social aspect of sports was a big problem. I didn't understand or get along with other boys, and I was scared of looking bad and being immature. I still mostly don't understand boys :) - my friends are mostly female.

Yeah, I was and am the same way.

Also...what about trying things as a family? There's lots of things that could get him outside moving that he might (or might not!) enjoy.
Frisbee, kites, hacky sacks, just getting a baseball and a couple of mits and playing catch. Do you have a dog? Maybe have him take the dog to the park a few times a week.
Ask for his input as well. Ask if he'd like to come up with a list of hobbies/activities. Or make your own list and see if any of them perk his interests.

Just some suggestions! You sound like an awesome parent btw!!


05-15-14, 04:20 PM
Just curious: can someone explain "DS" , "DH", etc. to me? I mean, I can deduce essentially what it's referring to, but don't know what the D stands for and why an acronym is used O_O

05-15-14, 04:21 PM
Dear :)

Dear Son
Dear Husband
Dear Daughter
Etc Etc

05-17-14, 08:57 AM
Does he like to swim? That is something he can do at his own pace and not have to compete if he doesn't want to. When ds was that age, I would enroll him in swim lessons given by the parks and rec department. They had several levels of classes from beginner all the way up to Jr. Lifeguard. They also had swim team with friendly competitions.

07-13-14, 01:16 PM
We first tried Beavers/Scouts with our son when he was in kindergarten (this was before he was diagnosed) and he only lasted a couple of months caused he was bored to death (too much sitting around).

We tried soccer too and he sat in the field while the kids played.

We then tried jig-jitsu (again pre diagnoses) and he quit after a year cause he was always getting disciplined each class and so it wasn't fun anymore.

So we gave up on activities for the past year since his diagnosis. He isn't a skilled athlete cause he's never had the drive or ability to concentrate and learn a particular sport so he we find he loses interest quickly because he compares himself to other kids and gets embarrassed thinking he's not good at it. Or perhaps there's something about being on a team that he fears which puzzles me because he's an extremely sociable person.

Now that he's turned 9 we think that he would do well with individual activities such as BMX, skateboarding, or motor-cross. Something he can do with others but not in a team environment. He is also showing interest in the guitar but I think it might be too challenging for him and he'll give it up due to frustration.

07-15-14, 02:19 PM
If he's already doing karate and going to be continuing that, maybe not have him officially sign up for some other sport but just do a variety of things with him/his friends so he can see if he likes anything else.

You can take him to something different every weekend or so maybe like hiking, biking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, swimming at a lake, Frisbee golf, put put golf, wakeboarding, rollerblading, canoeing, kayaking, etc. Maybe let him pick what he wants to do after a while. Mix it in with picnic lunches and ice cream along the way. Could be bonding time for you guys and variety is usually good for us ADHDers.

I don't have a kid but that's what my sister does. She's very active so involves her kid in her activities. Brings her friends who have kids about the same age along so the kids develop a tight bond. This works better than group sports for introverted kids sometimes cause it's a smaller group setting (with maybe one or two other kids) as opposed to a large group setting where the other kids often talk amougst themselves and an introverted kid gets somewhat left out.

07-18-14, 01:11 PM
I agree that DS needs to be active and you can have him try different sports, music lessons, art, etc. I know I had my son in mini sports and while it did him good and it helped burn energy and got him more socialization, he wasn't "like" the other boys.

But I agree with the others as well, you can ask him to try, but trying to keep in the sports he doesn't want, wont work. Even when my son loves the activity, he sometimes still doesn't want to go....and see what he suggests also, even if its not sports, even if you and the family can do things together taking turns to decide, its a great help!

I wish you luck and am glad the karate has helped him!!!