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03-29-05, 07:04 AM
Has anyone heard of this? I recently read an article on sleep disturbance with ADD on the ADDitude magazine website. If you havent read it you can here. (
The concept of intrusive sleep really hit home with me. For the longest time, I havent been able to just sit with my wife and watch tv with her at night. After an hour or so, myhead will start to bob and I will be asleep soon after. This also will occur while driving at night. Its really pretty scary. The idea is that when the activity is not holding your attention(especially in those who exibit hype-focus), your brain goes off in search of stimuli and you fall asleep. I read this after seing my doctor and starting my Concerta prescription. In fact the doc said one side effect that bothers many was trouble falling asleep and my response to him was that maybe I would be able to stay awake a little longer. I have been on the Concerta for three weeks and so far, it has really cut down on this problem. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this or experienced it.

10-22-13, 06:02 PM
:goodpost: I haven't heard of it outside of this ( article and I've been looking for more information but this was a huge part of my adhd struggles when I was in school. I had it bad, I was known for being the person who fell asleep in class all the time. It was almost impossible for me to fight it my head would get heavy I had to force my eyelids open, but if I fell asleep I would get in trouble and the kids would make fun of me or mess with me while I was asleep (jerks). It was often a losing battle, nine times out of ten I would end up with my head on the desk out cold till the bell rang. This got me in a lot of trouble, and my grades were affected.

Unless of course the subject matter was interesting, then I would be perfectly awake. Didn't matter how much sleep I got that night, it was inevitable.

And the worst thing is when it was the right time for me to sleep, my mind was having too many racing thoughts. The sleep problems caused by my adhd are one of my biggest problems. Hopefully when I start medication it will help fix the problem.

I was on concerta, and that did help but at the same time the concerta gave me a couch lock/zombie effect. It also made me irritable and moody.
I haven't been on meds for over a month now. I'm hoping for something that gives me the effect that caffeine does, after a trip to starbucks I feel motivated and the brain fog/chatter is gone. I've never tried it but I could probably have an easier time falling asleep on caffeine.