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05-18-14, 01:12 PM

What is your experience with Omega supplements.
May you please share your experiences with fish oil, and if or how it went along with any medication you where taking,

And would you recommend fish oil to others on the forum??

Joris W.
05-30-14, 11:30 AM
It works well for me! They can be quite expensive but I'd say they're worth it. Or at least worth a try!

I started using omega-3 supplements long before I knew I had ADD, and the funny thing is that back then my classmates could actually notice if I had taken my 'fish pills'!!! That I think says a lot...! I was more calm and actually seemed smarter during classes. Seriously! Nowadays I see that I really need them, they make me feel better. I'm bored a little less quickly and I feel like they help me get through college a bit.

If your planning on buying omega-3 supplements, make sure you get some that have no omega-6 in them as well!!! Or at least ones that have an omega6-to-omega3 ratio of about 4:1, that will work as well but not as well as pure omega-3 supplements. Read on wikipedia about omega-3 and more specific about the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio to understand why!! It's all about that ratio. The ratio is way out of balance in most modern western people's diets. Google it! DHA and EPA are synthesized forms of Omega-3, which our body makes from omega-3. By choosing supp's with a certain ratio of DHA and EPA you can help your body out even more; you might want to do some googl'ing on that as well.

HELL YEAH I would recommend Omega 3 supplements to others on the forum!!
They don't interact with Ritalin etc because omega-3 is an 'essential fatty acid', which are molecules that our bodies NEED to function: we're supposed to get all essential fatty acids from our diets. So there's absolutely no harm in them, and there's no interaction. Though, some fish/fishoils are contaminated with heavy metals that we human @ssholes leak into nature so it's probably best to make sure you buy supp's that have purified fishoils in them.

They don't work in quite the same way as Ritalin etc do, so don't expect a direct effect. In my personal experience, when you thake them every day, they'll start working after a few days of use. Than of course you have to keep using them every day. You might notice some other positive effects on your health too; I notice a smoother skin and less pimples and things like that. Which actually makes a lot of sence after you've read about omega6/3...

I hope you found this helpful! I may have said a lot of stuff that you knew already, but well maybe other people will find that helpful ;)


05-30-14, 01:03 PM
I've been taking Omega 3 supplements for over 10 years and I HAVE recommended them. I don't take stimulant meds.

They don't have to be expensive. I've tried several and found the ones I get at Walmart or the dollar store work just as well for me.

Some find they help with moods but not with focus. They don't help with my moods but have been amazing for my focus.

If I forget to take them or run out, it takes about 4 days to notice. It also takes 3-4 days to notice they're working when I start taking them again.

So not as fast as stimulants, but much faster than Strattera or Wellbutrin.