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05-20-14, 11:50 AM
I have a prescription for adderall for ADD. We had a lot of yard work this weekend and my husband took 1 20 mg ir orange oval generic Friday evening and 1 20 mg ir orange oval generic saturday at 2 pm. He never took any in the weeks before that. It was a stupud, stupid thing to do to help motivate for yard work. He has a cdl for work and got a random pee test monday morning at 8 am. He is fit, 5'10 and weighs 170. He worked out monday morning before the test. What are the chances it won't show on the test. He has a great job he has been at for 8 years and if he loses it we are so screwed. Any in site would be helpful. This wait is excruciating.

05-20-14, 12:23 PM
Normally, when someone comes here concerned about their Adderall showing up on a drug test, the advice would be to contact the lab and provide evidence of a valid prescription.

In this case, your husband took Adderall that wasn't prescribed to him (and you'll be short a couple of doses now), so he can't simply provide a labeled medicine bottle.

Stimulants are typically short-acting, and out of the system fairly quickly. The half-lives of d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine are in the 10-14 hour range, which means that half of the medication should be out of his body in that time. Then half of the remaining amount in another 10-14 hrs. (So if he took some Saturday afternoon, he'd be down to ~1/4 the original amount by Sunday afternoon, and ~1/16 by Monday afternoon, plus a small amount left over from the Friday night dose.) Whether it is picked up by the test depends a lot on the sensitivity of the test and your husband's particular metabolism.

I know you know that his use of your Adderall wasn't a good move, since you said so already! But besides the potential consequences for his job, 20mg IR Adderall is a lot for someone who's never taken it before, especially when he then plans to do a bunch of heavy physical labor. So health-wise, probably not a good idea, either. And you could get in trouble if it came to light that you were sharing your Adderall. Remember that diversion of prescription stimulants is illegal and one of the reasons it is so difficult to get prescriptions, even for people with bona fide ADHD.

So for your husband's sake, your own sake, and the sake of others who are harmed by the misuse of stimulants, don't share your Adderall. Try positive incentives for motivation, instead -- special night out for the two of you? yard won't bring down property values in the neighborhood? -- or have your husband get evaluated if there is a possibility he actually has ADHD.

05-20-14, 12:42 PM
Thank you for your response. He will never do that again. He doesn't have add. The adderall affected him very differently than it does me. I have read that the ir leaves the system quicker than xr, anyone know if this is true?

05-20-14, 12:45 PM
Yes, IR leaves the system quite fast.

I hope your husband's tests come back clear. Crossing fingers for you.

This topic is not quite within the purview of what ADDF is all about (ADD med abuse by non ADDers) so unfortunately I shall have to close this thread now. Once again, you have my best wishes.

- Abi (Section Moderator)