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05-21-14, 10:30 AM
hello guys, i decided i need advice! i am 105kg and 190cm tall. i have ramped up to 100mg straterra this took me about 2months or so. but i have a problem i need help with. i am very tired all day. this influences me alot at school, aswell when im training. before when i used ritalin for my ADD my training improved alot (training my back as add made my back muscles hard to train). ritalin worked wonders for my back but my pulse got so high i had to stop it right away. after that i started straterra and my training is becoming more and more tiresome every time i up my dosage. to the point where i feel training helps me nothing.. i just feel overal weak. the other day i could not even open the jelly jar. i take my dosage at 8pm/20:00. please someone give me advice