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05-21-14, 03:18 PM
I was driving home the other day, and I was upset about something and immediately started thinking about what I could eat that would make me feel better.

I wasn't hungry, I had a healthy breakfast, and it wasn't lunch time yet. But my mind was telling me that if I had a "treat" I would feel better, even if it was just for a moment. The thought was haunting until I found myself driving to get a doughnut.

I have been in a real funk the last few weeks, for more reasons I can sucks, feels like I'm disappointing everyone, not doing as much as I "should" be doing, I feel like I don't have any real friends...the list goes on.

Well, it wasn't until the other day, that I realized that normally when I feel down in the dumps, I would just call someone, see my shrink and work through it. Or at the very least, just talk about something else that way I could give my mind a break about all the bad thoughts that run through it.

Instead, I have turned to food for comfort and a moment of bliss. Even if it's just for a moment to help me not think about things that bring me down.

An escape, like smoking a cigarette, or grabbing a drink at the bar, or getting high...which are things I do NOT do. So I guess eating has been my vice lately.

I know better, but I keep doing it. And I don't want that at all. :(

05-21-14, 03:28 PM
I comfort eat too. Food has always been a tool for me to control my emotions.

I guess the best is to find a better healthier tool but I know that's super difficult.

Another thing that helps a bit is to make sure that I'm not hungry at all for example by filling up on fibre rich food at breakfast. Sounds silly but it works for me for mild emotional triggers. I'm much less tempted to comfort myself with food if I'm feeling quite full already though with acting but the mildest of triggers it doesn't work at all.

05-21-14, 06:17 PM
Thanks Fuzzy - Fiber rich foods definitely helps curb my appetite as well.

I have just had so many triggers lately, and I remember feeling this same way when I use to smoke in my teens. Like smoking was a coping mechanism for me. Which was why it was so hard to quit. I still don't even know how I quit, I just knew it wasn't good for me, I guess.

I keep thinking about all the lists of benefits I would get if I didn't overindulge on junk food, and the list is endless and so rewarding. Yet, it's not as rewarding as the 3 minutes to eat something bad for me.

06-14-14, 08:08 AM
Me to Food is always my best-friend, my comforter and my stress reliever. Whenever I'm upset or I'm not in the mood I always eat. That's the reason why I became so big. But now I realized that it's not a good habit, so I control myself from eating, most specially from the unhealthy one. I always stock fresh fruits and yogurt at house instead of junk foods.

06-14-14, 09:04 PM
I had some doughnuts the other day. Then i read what they put in them and regretted it :)

06-14-14, 11:24 PM
I love eating healthy. I tend to make bad choices when I need a pick me up. :umm1:

06-15-14, 02:48 AM
If i comfort ate i would be overweight but fortunately i tend to lose my appetite when I'm upset. otherwise I love food and i have to be really careful to not actually eat or buy everything i really want ( i could lose 10 pounds but well i don't see it happening). I KNOW i feel awful after too much junk food/processed food so its easier just not to buy it.

the worst is at my mom's! i have tons of free time, walk less, and surrounded by all the american stuff i feel i.m " entitled" to have since i'm on vacation.

06-15-14, 05:37 AM
people underestimate the coping mechanisim that food brings. It can be just as much as an addiction as drugs and is often seen as the safer way to self medicate.

06-15-14, 10:56 AM
people underestimate the coping mechanisim that food brings. It can be just as much as an addiction as drugs and is often seen as the safer way to self medicate.

I can feel it take over. It's very evident in my case. Just like craving a cigarette.

06-27-14, 10:10 AM
I have smoked, done drugs, binge drank (all over 15 years ago now) but I was never addicted to anything. I am addicted to food. I don't just eat when I am sad but when I am excited or happy. Any emotion makes me want to eat. Just nervous ADHD energy makes me eat.

Fortunately, Now that I am on Adderall, I simply lost a lot of the urge to eat and I can eat like a normal person. It does not reduce my appetite but stops me from eat for no reason when I am not hungry. Does not always work though. I am a little down this morning for the fact I ate like a mad man.

I don't really have any advice but I can tell you that you are not alone with food addiction.