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Bromero Mayorie
05-22-14, 03:11 PM
Hello! i am new to the site and on this thread i am going to share my experiences relating to an attention deficit. I would love if anyone could please help me find an answer and contribute to this thread. I am currently confused distinguishing between a general learning disability or ADHD and in the process of finding help. I do feel guilty venting my problems to this webpage but i feel like i'm hitting a wall.

It is a well known fact that I have had a learning disability\dyslexia and a little anxiety my entire life even known i have not been formally diagnosed. but just recently i found that ADHD predominantly inattentive type seemly fits my behaviors in addition to my dyslexia and anxiety. weather or not its just dyslexia or possible something other then ADHD is what i am having trouble concluding. This is due to the fact that dyslexia carries some of the same symptoms as ADHD-PI.

Here's what I think some of my problems are in relation to ADHD-PI in point form: (please inform me if they identify or not)

-I feel like i have procrastinated the past eighteen years of my life.
Since i can remember i always seem to prevail at not completing assignments or living up to expectations and doing the bare minimum effort in my work just to acquire a passing grade. Any type of school related or boring activity i seem to naturally pass off until the last minute. Any hobby or skill building habit that i am interested in (such as: judo, snow boarding, guitar, soccer) will soon diminish over time and i will end up dropping out of lessons due to being simply bored.

-I have problems with retaining information from lectures.
When i am given an assignment where the directions where given out verbally i always need further clarification (which annoy's the teacher) this is because there's always details i miss.

-I am often day dreamy mostly during lectures.
this is hard to monitor. but i do catch myself consecutively doing this for maybe a second or a lot longer and have to remind myself to snap back. this could be caused by lack of sleep. some days are better or worse. Sometimes I even fall asleep during class which i cannot fight off sometimes.

-I have trouble aiming my focused efforts or intentions and planning.
I cannot for the life of me follow any self regulating plan. i cannot have homework started at certain times, go to bed at times i have planned i often end up going to bed late when i have to be up early. I do not Wake up when i intend, often pressing snooze more than i should. I am never ready when i'm suppose to be this often annoys friends.

-I'm late.
I'm not sure if this because me never wanting to be early. when it comes to my job i am more then often at least a minute or two late. In fact my boss recently told me to start coming five minutes early to resolve my tardiness. When it comes to school i don't think i have been on time for my first period class once this year. But i am pretty good with doctor or dentist appointments.

-Short term memory and forgetfulness.
I know that i do have a short term memory. At my job i chronically forget if i asked for a customer card from shoppers. I do misplace things lots. I chronically have to double check things to make sure it is done correctly to confiscate for my forgetfulness or mistakes. This effects me a lot when i'm socializing. i forget facts that people tell me about whatever we are talking about and have to be reminded. (this makes me look dumb) I also can easily loose track of time.

I am defiantly constantly disorganized. Any sort of space i own like a locker desk binder or room. will easily become a disaster. Even if my intentions are to keep a clean, organized working environment. It always seems to sneak up on me and within a few days there will be nothing but clutter and stacked dishes.

-distractions and unable to out carry out instructions.
I'm not sure if i'm "highly" dis-tractable or not. It was always quite easy to pull away from home work and move on to video games or the computer or to even just think about other things. When i do attempt homework i catch myself thinking a lot about other things i could be doing or ways to do the bare minimum or get out of doing the work. But i do think i can ignore things going on around me in a classroom setting.

-Slow processing, poor reading comprehension, writing and really mistake prone.
Again each of these also are symptoms of my learning disability. I do feel like the setting has to be right for me to fully comprehend my reading and to minimize my mistakes. I can read and express my thoughts in writing fine my LD just makes me a lot slower at it.

-Trouble staying involved in conversations
this could be caused because of the bit of social anxiety and LD. I can never keep a conversation going long if it is uninteresting or boring. I seem to naturally pull myself away or get anxious and have a hard time following them. This give me a lot of relationship problems. i don't feel that i am an introvert but this gives me a sort of an introverted feel/look.

The above symptoms are just a summery of the chronic problems i have pertaining to school. My biggest concern is pinpointing the cause of them. each one of the above symptoms could be caused by multiple other conditions that i have like:

-Poor habits
-possibly simple laziness
-a strong dislike in writing
-anxiety I do not think it over takes me it only really effects me socially.
-(dyslexia related) I have poor writing/grammar and spelling trouble organizing thoughts and finding the right words when writing and speaking. often makes me look immature.
-lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits. i don't think i have any sleeping disorders.

I am eighteen years old and this is my last year of high school. Currently my poor grades will not get me in any post secondary schooling. I have tons of ambition and goals but i'm a failure at trying to achieve any of them. I do lack motivation and i feel like i'm dragging my feet in every activity i do. I am fed up and frustrated with my own behavior. I'v always felt guilt, shame and embarrassment after every homework assigned to me because i know that i simply wont put my best effort or likely wont get it done. I know i am a hard worker, i can work thirty seven hours a week and keep a job for three years but i cannot do a half hour of homework a day unless its due the next day.
I have been like this since birth no matter what i do i can only seem to temporarily help myself then return right back to my poor habits. My problems aren't because of the writing part is of the doing, starting and finishing a task that i struggle with. Can someone please tell me whats wrong with me.

05-22-14, 06:08 PM
You want to distinguish between what is adhd-pi and what is LD?

It doesn't matter what it is called. You were diagnosed with ADHD-pi and it explains most of your symtoms. I think that as you learn more about ADHD-pi you will come to realize this. You are at the beginning of a worth while journey.

You might not even realize it but chasing this type of "squirrel" is ADHD-pi in action. That constant "why why why" oh look something shiny(Learning disorder). Some reason to explain why you are different but you have to go the hard way on your own to realize it....

Also the good news is that you are going to pass highschool and you are recieving treatment. You're only 18! I wish I had been diagnosed at that age. I wasn't diagnosed till 31.

With your special kind of skeptecism I would recommend youtubing Russell Barkley. He convinced me when I was skeptical.

05-26-14, 10:54 PM
Put your foot down and tel your doctor now and get answers!im in my 30s and only just started the road to finding out for myself! It will be alot easier for you in the future if you could!