View Full Version : What came first ?

05-23-14, 01:45 AM
For those dx'd with add as an adult which came first the fibro dx or the add?

Mine was add although funny enough I wasn't given add meds for that it was given to me for my extreme fatigue.

05-26-14, 04:09 PM
I think I had ADD inattentive from childhood, but since I did well in school and was "good" it was never picked up on. I developed FM/CFS after a bad stomach virus and significant stress when I was 18 (my dad died suddenly). One brother has also been diagnosed as having FM in the past, and I think all of my siblings and my dad have ADHD/ADD traits, although I'm the only one formally diagnosed. I'm not sure my mom believes I have ADD even now. She sees the adHd in my brothers and dad, but doesn't really recognize what I call Attention Deficit HYPOactivity, which is what I have. Anyhow, the ADD was always there, but the CFS/FM made it significantly worse.

06-16-14, 02:32 AM
They probably both came at the same time. Both probablems come from th same place