View Full Version : Seroquel and antidepressants

05-25-14, 05:13 AM
Does anyone here take seroquel,antidepressants and Stattera?

How much seroquel do you take and what antidepressant? The last time I went to the psych he asked me if I thought I was depressed.I said I don't think so but my mood has been consistently been down for months.

I am considering asking my psych for antidepressants and I am just curious about the good and bad stories when taking all three.

**** I sound like a junkie :giggle:

08-26-14, 08:55 AM
I took seroquel for half a year. At first it was nice in that I slept like a baby. But then I got groggy and started to feel like it was sucking the life out of me.