View Full Version : repeated short term exercise periods as treatment

05-25-14, 12:56 PM
When I was a kid I didn't have ADD but I didn't pay attention in class. Instead I stared out of the window. I wanted to be outside. I wanted to run with my cross country friends. I wanted to live and didn't feel that life was in a boring class room. I'll bet a lot of children who are like I was are diagnosed with ADD. I'll bet a lot of children with tons of energy who don't want to sit in class are diagnosed with ADD. I'll be they're medicated.

Has anyone tried the obvious. Lots of recesses after each class in which kids play tag and run around like crazy. Sports practice before school instead of after school so the kids are more amenable to sitting down. This is so obvious but I don't think anyone has done it. In addition if there are a lot of recess periods going to them could be made conditional on finishing a task. Incentive like that could work magic.