View Full Version : How do you know that the meds are working?

05-25-14, 08:33 PM
This is my 3rd week on Prozac, started out at 5mg now at 15 mg, but I'm not sure it's really helping. I feel a surge of energy right after I take it which lasts about 2 hrs, then drop back to negative thinking and feeling sorry for myself again. I feel sleepy during the day and lost motivation to lift weights, basically it took away my drive in exchange for anxiety.

But I still feel like a loser when compared to peers, for not having progressed in my career, for sleeping too much etc. etc. so not sure this is helping.

I took Prozac a year ago and all it did back then was make add meds ineffective and me tired and unmotivated, but having no anxiety and feeling quite comfortable. Maybe I need SNRI?

05-25-14, 10:47 PM
Maybe you aren't on a high enough dose?

I took prozac which on it's on didn't do it for me but we added Latuda and omg that is the best combo ever .. and I am actually against anti depressants .. due to past experience. I had to stop taking them due to being sensitive to the side effects but while on them they did work.

What you said about the burst of energy and then drop back to negative thinking. Yes, it gives you a burst of energy but the energy wearing off shouldn't come with negative thinking. The energy isn't causing you not to be negative it is a side effect.

When I did take it on it's on I did have the same issue with getting really "blah" later in the day.. felt like a snail. That is why he added the Latuda. Maybe ask your doc about a dose change, or maybe adding someting to the prozac.

Def keep track of all of this for your doctor. Just like you posted here, make sure your doctor sees the same.

Are you on adhd meds now?