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05-26-14, 03:18 PM
I'm finally at the end of my pregnancy. 39 weeks and a day to be exact.
I was wondering how other ADD/ADHD women are dealing with their pregnancy. Or past pregnancys as far as medications and coping with life in general. Also non ADD/ADHD partners experiences.

Thank you!

05-26-14, 04:14 PM
I had my daughter five years ago but I remember during my entire pregnancy that I felt more calm as far as the ADHD brain goes. It's like I was on meds but I had not even tried them until this year. I did have gestational diabetes in the my third trimester though, which stressed me out because I love food. Other than that, calm, happy and the birth went pretty smoothly. Felt a sense of peace during that time. After was a different story. I was a little depressed after and felt like it took a while to feel like a woman again, not just a Mom.

05-26-14, 04:24 PM
I'mnot medicated
i was very calm during my pregnancy, it was hard afterwards to keep a schedule with a baby!
but cherish every moment it goes by fast, huge cliché i know, but my son is 24...

05-26-14, 10:56 PM
Congrats + Have Missed U.



MADD As A Hatte
05-26-14, 11:54 PM
I'm finally at the end of my pregnancy. 39 weeks and a day to be exact.

I take it this is your first baby? Fantastic news, congratulations! Your post brought to mind a highlight from my first pregnancy, nearly 18 years ago (yikes!)

The pregnancy was a dream. (Having children was the tipping point for me. Well, in fact, having two children within 18 months did my head in.)

But anyway, so, I've had this dream pregnancy. I get to 40 weeks. I get to 40 weeks and a day. Then another day. And now I'm OVER IT. Full of arms and legs, can't sleep, can't sit, can't walk, oh god, totally sick of it.

So, very sensibly, I phone my obstetrician's rooms, explain I want to have this baby NOW, and the receptionist says "Oh dear, how tedious for you. How about you pop up to the Mater [hospital], and tell them you want to be induced. It'll all be fine."

I swear that's what she said. I WAS paying attention. I WAS.

So, I front at the hospital, immaculately dressed in pearls, and fabulous preggy jodhpurs and a long floral linen Laura Ashley shirt, and knee high riding boots (you don't wear just ANYTHING to have a baby at a private hospital in Sydney!). As instructed, I explained my situation to the Matron on the maternity ward, who VERY CONDESCENDINGLY smiled at me, as if I was completely mad, and said words to the effect of "Go home, love, and come back when your waters break."

At which point my ADD took over and I had the biggest most hormonal psycho emotionally unregulated tanty of my whole life. I'm surprised they didn't lock me up in Northside, really. Totally crazy. If they'd just given me a handful of Ritalin, it would NEVER have happened!!


All the best, honey, the moment they hand you your new little baby is one of the best moments of your whole life. Do please check back in later with a selfie!


05-27-14, 04:47 AM
I joke that I had pregnancy brain when I was pregnant. It was like the worst of adhd PI. Even though I am combined, the PI part was brutal.

08-23-14, 11:31 PM
I'm 24 years old and haven't had children yet - Not sure if I will or won't yet. But I am seriously dreading 9 months without medication - I'm concerned I'd get fired!!

10-02-14, 06:19 PM
26 weeks here! Major "pregnancy brain" but I feel a lot calmer than normal. Before I was pregnant, I would stress over the smallest stuff. Even getting my blood drawn, I'm calm! I used to faint whenever needles were it's strange!

Coping without medication is hard on me. I was doing well taking Adderall. Struggling the most with my math class and definitely slower at getting chores done.

10-10-14, 02:55 AM
Hey ladies
I'm new to the forum. I'm 25 and have been on medication since I was 10. I can't remember a day that I haven't had any medication. My husband and I are planning on starting a family next year but I am so nervous about coming off my medication. Makes me feel so anxious.
I am spending 3 weeks in a clinic over Christmas thAt will teach techniques on how to cope. How are you ladies doing it?? Would love to hear about your experiences and any tips.
Thanks x