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05-28-14, 01:16 PM
I have substance abuse issues and am afraid to seek help.
For the past two years I have substantially curbed my drug use; in abstinence, I have found myself in deep depressions for weeks/months at a time with a day or two of what must be manic episodes- can't shut up, drive everyone around me crazy, busy busy. I hate it.
My daughter was diagnosed with bipolar/adhd years ago and it makes me think that maybe my symptoms have been masked by drug abuse. I know this much for sure: I'd rather stay high than to feel the way I do now. When I can't take it anymore I do get high, and since I haven't completely stopped taking drugs, I don't feel like anyone will help me. I don't even want to level with my doctor for fear of being "labeled". What should I do?

05-29-14, 05:01 AM
I hear you on being afraid to get help and you are not alone. Sometimes we have to just take the risk and open up. A good doctor will know that treating adhd with stimulants is actually helpful to someone with substance abuse issues. Have you been evaluated for anything else? I ask because Bipolar can run in families. As far as working on the abuse part, have you considered a substance abuse counselor? Sometimes its easier to look for one of them then it is to think of rehab or detox. If you dont mind me asking, what drugs do you have issues with? I am an alcoholic so I get where you are coming from. It takes a lot of balls to come to terms with addiction and it was very hard for me.