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05-28-14, 11:07 PM
I have posted my story before, and i will write it in summery, I have started university in 2007 and then i didnt know about ADHD, and i didnt know i had it, I failed my first year, retook the year, was compensated to second year and was compensated to final year, then i was asked to leave university due to lack of academic achievement my marks were around 20% and 40%, I went away and worked for 2 years during those 2 years i went into severe depression and almost committed suicide more than once, then I learnt about ADHD, I got diagnosed and started medication, at that time i thought i should go back to university and finish my degree, i was allowed a last chance to finish my degree which was this year.

Today I got all my marks for my exams and Thankfully I have done much much better than anyone has ever expected :))

In one Module(subject) I got the highest mark in 30 students 82%, the prof. was so surprised by my performance, in another subject I got one of the top 3 marks in 30 students 76%, My other marks were average marks but much better than what i scored in previous years :) Also through this year I have lost about 28 KG :) I went down from 110 Kg to 80 Kg….

This year has been by faar the greatest year in my Life i have restored my full confidence in myself and I know I can succeed in my life and be a top person if i focus and do what i need to do, big big lessons were learnt this year, a big Thank you from the bottom of my heart to this forum, as it was the place I turned to for help through my darkest moments.

I would like to tell everyone who is having a hard time through their life that yes we have a Problem called ADHD but the solution is out their Explore and find what suits you to succeed Whether its medication, CBT, Diet…. whatever it is dont be afraid to try it and go forward in your life, do whatever you need to do to succeed because you can do it, whatever happened to you in the past, no matter how much mistakes have you done in the past, its called the PAST, NOW ITS TIME TO MOVE ON, ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, FACE IT AND LOOK FOR A SOLUTION TO DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO SUCCEED.

If i have learnt one thing through all of this it will be that whenever you start looking for a solution and you start working hard life will help you through and open doors for you to help you, BUT YOU SHOULD START ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR THE WAY FORWARD, STOP LIVING IN THE PAST BECAUSE HAPPENED HAPPENED YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE IT BUT START LOOKING FOR A WAY TO SUCCEED AND START WORKING….ONCE YOU REACH SUCCESS YOU WILL DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO KEEP SUCCEEDING AND YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO GO BACK….

I hope this post will motivate people to start changing and start working towards a better life, if anyone needs any help send me a message.


05-28-14, 11:24 PM
Congratulations!! :yes: