View Full Version : Just diagnosed - used Concerta 27mg today

05-29-14, 10:05 PM
I think I'm feeling more concentrated, slightly. I took it at 6:00, and it was great during the school day. However, I didn't go out to eat lunch, because food seemed nauseating, any tips to combat this? I'm 13 and 5'2" and 116lbs. It only lasted around 9 hours for me. Right now I'm doing hw, and the medication has gone away. I was wondering, is there a way to get meds for just usage after school while doing hw? What should I talk to my doc about?

05-29-14, 10:39 PM
Hi, and welcome to ADDF.

Sometimes the nausea goes away on its own, though appetite suppression is a common side effect of stimulants in general.

You may also find that adjusting when you eat relative to taking the Concerta can help reduce the nausea. (I found that eating a decent-sized meal before/with the Concerta helps.)

Staying well-hydrated can also be useful, both to be sure that's not contributing to your feeling weird, and because stimulants can cause dry mouth and dehydration.

9 hours is about par for the course -- many people report getting less than the 12 hours advertised.

I'd give the meds a week or two to be sure the 9 hours is consistent for you. Then you just explain to your doctor that the medication is helping, but wears off by the time you need to do homework.

It's fairly common for doctors to prescribe a "booster" dose, usually of the equivalent short-acting medication (which, in the case of Concerta, would probably be Ritalin or a generic).

If you and your doc decide that an afternoon dose is appropriate, you'll need to watch how it affects your sleep. For some people, taking a dose of stimulant later in the day can cause insomnia (which is counterproductive; lack of sleep just amplifies ADHD symptoms...). For others, having meds in their systems in the evening actually makes it easier to get to bed/sleep.

Best wishes for finding a medication regimen that works for you -- and check out some of the study, organization, and time management tips on ADDF and elsewhere, which will complement the medical treatment.