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05-30-14, 01:38 AM
Scientists have discovered that drugs previously used to treat mood disorders can dramatically enhance your capacity to learn.
Hensch and his colleagues reasoned that reversing this molecular brake might allow the brain's plasticity machinery to kick in again. "And that's exactly what we found," he says. In 2010, they used valproate – a drug that inhibits HDAC (like beta-hydroxybutyrate in ketosis) and is used to treat bipolar disorder – to cure amblyopia in adult mice.


How to hold down ketosis ? when stress drives us into carb / fat (50 : 50) consumption ?

Key - to learning will be the elimination of distress


No downside - across the board ketosis is heralded as the one-stop shop for curing human disease but but but it's impossible to stay in that special place as soon as one becomes stressed - we reactively reach for 'comfort' which takes us out from ketosis/theta EEG/relaxed state
- as 'fight or flight' kicks in.

Nobody can do anything about this problem with a complete global social infrastructural change from capitalism to voluntaryism.


Our society is killing us - because it runs fundamentally against optimal physiological and psychological set-points of:
ketosis/theta EEG/relaxed state/mitochondrial aerobic respiration (physiological parameters including a rock steady 6 mM [blood glucose]).

05-30-14, 01:44 AM
It's hard to refute the idea that Thrifty gene / ADHD represents emergence of ketosis-tuned type which well breaks - under stress - psych. stress = immorality (our entire society is based on immorality (money,power) and phys. stress = sugar/starches that send [blood glucose] racing.

ADDers will suffer NO disorder in a fair global society - survival essentials to all through contribution of individual effort - all people side by side will do it.

No hierarchy.

Even Lord David Beckham and Sir Tom Cruise 'll (whoever they are ??) will have to plough the fields.

05-30-14, 01:51 AM
Note - students I'm observing will either take:
[1] sugar (eg energy drinks) to keep them working when they're falling asleep -> STOPS KETOSIS state.
[2] sugar / fat to calm then down when stressed (eg chocolate) -> STOPS KETOSIS state.

IE - the commonality appears to be that food is used as self-medication to force a student into paying attention - and that this will act to send the individual out of their optimal state (ketosis/HDACi) for learning.

--- Solution ---
See post above and make education a labour of love.

A shift to global voluntaryism will make everything you do a labour of love.
When you're engaged in a labour of love - you will be able to maintain optimal psych and phys set-points of in effect calm (alpha/theta EEG interface) aerobic respiration.

As long as we've made the transition to global voluntaryism NOBODY can ever force you to do anything against your will.

05-30-14, 01:51 AM

Oddly (or not?), my experience with this medication a number of years ago was that it made me feel very "slow".

(Granted, it wasn't the only thing I was taking at the time, and my mental state a priori wasn't so conducive to lucid thought -- but I was quite happy to get off valproate.)

I wasn't tuned in to glucose metabolism at the time, so couldn't say what effect it had on my sugar levels.

Interesting article, though!

05-30-14, 02:15 AM
I take this medication. It makes me dumb and crave carbs. It has made me fat.

05-30-14, 02:29 AM
Physicians need to be aware of the increased risk for T2DM and cardiovascular disease in bipolar patients ... ...


Very definite pattern forming (See above).
Maintain optimal physiological and psychological set-points avoid pathophysiology.

05-30-14, 03:01 AM
Read quickly - (now reading in more details)

If a normal cell had connections to ten other cells, a VPA [= beta-hydroxybutyrate] cell connected with twenty. Suggestion

- 2 types of networks used under blood glucose [low connectivity] / ketone bodies [high connectivity] (high healthy fa consumption)

Higher connectivity [VPA network] - tendency towards global logical consistency

- otherwise not.


T2D / Bipolar / CVS disorder through favouring sweet / umami / salt <- gourmand stodge
MUFA-rich organic raw vegan predominantly <- gourmet


Thrifty gene = emergence of ADDers born into MUFA-rich organic raw vegan predominantly -> VPA network built -> increased connectivity -> predisposition to global logical consistency wrt human wellbeing / morality.

The thrifty gene hypothesis is actually the specification of an entirely different organism
- we can't change 1 gene and suddenly be more efficient -

- the entire spec of the vehicle must change compare dinosaur petrol versus solar powered electric vehicles.

AT FIRST, MARKRAM THOUGHT Kai had attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

05-30-14, 03:14 AM
T2D / Bipolar / CVS disorder through favouring sweet / umami / salt <- gourmand stodge
MUFA-rich organic raw vegan predominantly <- gourmet

gourmand -<- growth/excitatory - glutamate
gourmet (ketosis) -<- maintenance - ketosis is pro-GABA

The goal is to place GABA over Glutamate or Gabor Mate - as balance of male archetype (go) with female archetype (stop).

05-30-14, 03:17 AM
The networked VPA cells responded nearly twice as strongly as normal—and they were hyper-connected. If a normal cell had connections to ten other cells, a VPA cell connected with twenty. Nor were they under-responsive. Instead, they were hyperactive, which isn’t necessarily a defect: A more responsive, better-connected network learns faster.

We need to change society globally to match human needs.

05-30-14, 03:39 AM

fasting -> ketosis -> theta EEG

optimal physiological and psychological conditions for life (and learning)

We need to complete redefine society globally from global capitalism to global voluntaryism
- redefine education, redefine workplace - both of which occur with a capitalism -> voluntaryism switch.

Hyperfocus - use of VPA network ?


There appears to be a metabolic switch which triggers us to use a better neural network for modelling reality - easily overloaded:

05-30-14, 03:48 AM
... ... might prevent tantrums by allowing him to leave upsetting situations or by mitigating his distress before it became intolerable. The idea of an intense world had immediate practical implications.This idea of over-stimulation is precisely what the ADDer experiences (common to autist).

And this is a perfect description of me:
how he used to cover his ears and resist going to the movies, hating the loud sounds;-*-

What's going on ?

Theta EEG programmed to use the VPA network we're overwhelmed when pushed out of it through psych. / phys. distress -> pumping a gourmet system with gourman quantity overwhelms it -

- chronic distress from over-stimulation through leaving theta EEG (our happly place)

-> disorders of chronic SNS / stress hormone usage ie SNS / cortisol resistance -> asthma, allergy, asthma, anxiety, depression, susceptibility to common cold.

05-30-14, 03:53 AM
So - we can actually take the emphasis off diet (a little)

- and actually focus wholly on the basis to ADDer disorder being a society which forces us out of theta EEG.

So - psych. distress (compulsion) and phys. distress (gourmand diet) -> leads to -> ADHD disorder.
Establish a 'connected' education to children without compulsion (knowing that they'll be able to survive regardless of exam success)
- and children will learn just fine.

Education needs to be strongly based on telling what's right vs wrong - such that the highly connected VPA network can be constructed in its entirety - leading to wisdom upon completion.

2 models for neural network construction - animal versus man

- we need the highly connected (properly human) network such that we can act like human beings and not like people do currently of employing 'incomplete mind' towards acquisition of money/power ie human hierarchy.

05-30-14, 03:58 AM
Current educational schemes teach to the animal model of mind - disconnected ie see lack of cognitive dissonance/capacity for double think in the lawyer/politician.

Using the properly human fully connected (VPA) model of mind - logical inconsistency is VIOLENTLY rejected.

We 'feel' bad when we operate out of logical consistency - with completion of mind - referencing - global logical consistency with the wellbeing of the species

- which is what the mind (as an evolutionary deliverable to promote survival) would need to be.


Definitely - 2 models of mind based around metabolic switches -
- one animal (see sophist)
- one properly human (see Socrates).


We're born into a tendency to being enforcedly moral consistent - emergence of a new type - a social organism - which will ensure survival of the species through eembracing a new (to give) rather than the nonADDer (to take ie money,power pursuit) reward system.

05-30-14, 03:58 AM
Need to find out more about this VPA network - it's exciting.
In strong support of this, we found that on the neural circuit level, VPA-exposed animals exhibited enhanced neuronal reactivity and plasticity across several brain regions, such as the amygdala and neocortex. A whole different network differentiated by connectivity pervading the brain.

Increased connectivity decreased size (you can fit more in a well packed suitcase).
ADDer's well known to have a smaller brain.


Dexedrine - used to treat narcolepsy.
sustained significantly by Dexedrine--there was [B]reduced slow-wave EEG activity

Drives theta/alpha EEG into higher EEGs.

Shifts us from high connectivity -> low connectivity network ?

Educational establishment defect.

We need to learn connected in a safe environment.

Not learn nothing in particular (dates !!) under threat of failure to obtain some worthless piece of paper.

05-30-14, 04:14 AM
Theta activity was enhanced after diazepam

Now - I'm taking temazepam for back cramp.

Ketosis -> pro-GABA
Benzodaizepenes (relax) -> pro-GABA

Glutamate -> <- GABA balance
GABA (female archetype = stop) must win - facilitated through ketosis.

Wisdom represents a level of neural connectivity borne through the VPA network
- built in theta EEG

our entire society prevents us building it - favours the less connected (double think capacity of sophist) - allows money/power seekers to triumph.

We need to change global capitalism to global voluntaryism to permit us to use our minds like man (equality, liberty, fraternity) and not like animal (material world hierarchies supported eg alpha male).

05-30-14, 04:29 AM
Increased connectivity decreased size (you can fit more in a well packed suitcase).
ADDer's well known to have a smaller brain.

[B] reduced grey matter volume in fronto-striato-cerebellar and limbic networks

05-30-14, 04:37 AM
ADDers - whole series of alterations to reduce energy requirement and support survvial of the species.

[1] Next to no food requirement
[2] Reduced whole brain energy requirement when in low freq EEG
[3] Tedency to efficient aerobic and not anaerobic metabolism
[4] Tendency to wisdom
[5] Pro-social species (primitive reward strategy to acquire money/power) does not satisfy us

[6] ? Deeper communication - communication at alpha/theta interface ? - where nonADDers fall asleep.
[7] Tendency to be physically smaller - but brain definitely so - even further reduced energetic needs


Specification for emergence of a new species.

Informational and not Material world - oriented ie quality and not quantity of meaningless possessions.


? Mother - child relationship child entrained into theta by mother ie unstressed mother unstressed child.
Stressed mother - not relaxed - distressed state - beta EEG - entrains child to beta EEG - anxious

- not chilled theta EEG state.

IE mother can entrain (synchronize) child to theta EEG ? Sounds good.

Explanation of:
The intense world could also account for the tragic similarities between autistic children and abused and neglected infants. Severely maltreated children often rock, avoid eye contact, and have social problems—just like autistic children. These parallels led to decades of blaming the parents of autistic children, including the infamous “refrigerator mother.”

Study - relationship between systematizers (so called 'refrigerator mothers') and theta EEG acquisition ?
IE no entrainment possible if happy relaxed theta state not acquired.

It's a very lovely place in the country (wherever in the country)

Connection to religious music.

Theta entrainment.

'and there's nothing to get hung about' <- specific state of relaxation.


Homeostatic point of mind (man) - definitely - theta EEG.

05-30-14, 06:45 AM
I think it's worth pointing out that while valproic acid in adults may or may not confer cognitive benefits, it has serious effects on prenatal development. In fact, if you google valproic acid model, you'll find that one of the commonly used rodent models for autism is exposure to valproic acid during a specific developmental window. And, yes, prenatal exposure in humans can also cause an autism-like syndrome. So it's a drug to be used with caution, especially in those who are considering pregnancy.

As an aside, I believe that the discovery of sodium valproate was also an accident. It was the vehicle in which another drug was dissolved, but researchers noticed a decrease in seizures among subjects in the vehicle group. The rest is history.

05-30-14, 07:42 PM
Here's a good overview of autism models that mentions the valproic acid model. ew/file/d912f50c8f0a2bdd57.pdf

05-31-14, 04:35 AM
Trying to work out what's going on - getting a connection to metabolism once again.

Nerve cells

Blood glucose paradigm -> growth / differentiation
Ketosis (valproic acid, beta-hydroxybutyrate) paradigm -> Interconnections

Just a sec ... ... making sense !

The question is when to apply the interconnection paradigm.

Too early (VPA in utero) and essential developmental processes fail.

The Interconnection paradigm 'd be more usefull used >5 when the mind comes alive.

glucose tolerance in pregnant women may need to be addressed more seriously than it is now, in order to decrease the child's risk of autism.

Gestational diabetes - testing for ketones (


That's it - autism caused by mother failing to hold down a stable metabolic profile - large glucose swings / gestational diabetes -> ketone production -> HDAC inhibitor sculpts histome -> drives premature highly connected neural network formation ie the interconnection paradigm is applied at an inappropriate time
- when growth/differentiation ... ... ...

- I see ... ...

So - the Intense World Theory is correct - but what's happening is that ketones are driving highly connected network formation prematurely
- we need proper development (stable blood glucose no ketones) to occur
- and then for language/learning (post 5 years) to gradually put in place a re-arranged network ie to shift from 'poorly' to 'highly' connected with a gradual:
blood glucose reward system loss (primitive reward system) + mind -> wisdom (understanding = highly connected web formation)

- however 'Intense world theory' isn't meant to be accessed at birth - it's meant to be accessed post-enlightenment (completion of mind) - ie Opening the Doors to Perception -
sensory world information -> reward (eg see 'musical chills')
- where blood glucose attraction lost - and individual shifts into 'ketosis' mode - ie a different metabolic profile.


So ... ... stable metabolic profile (food / distress felt) of absolute key improtance - prevention of ketone generation during development as will drive highly connected network formation prematurely - 'intense world theory' isn't to be experienced (sensory) at birth - but to be experienced after extinguishing the blood glucose elevation reward system (primitive reward system)
- post-mind
- we shift to a 'sensory' world 'Intense world' reward strategy

- sadly autistic children are experiencing the opening of the Doors to Perception prematurely.

05-31-14, 04:48 AM
So from Day 1 gestation to wisdom - we are in a 'blood glucose' (developmental) stage - and upon attaining wisdom we transcend the blood glucose elevation paradigm (ie pleasure/pain).

Re-arrangement of a neural network is the point of education.

This represents the formation of a mind which is globally consistent with species wellbeing.

Ditch the blood glucose elevation reward system and switch to a ketosis model (starvation, exercise, caloric restriction, MUFA-rich organic vegan) ... ... and re-arrangement of nerves into the structure as described by the Markham's ie highly interconnected in adulthood.

In autism - definitely - metabolic swings leading to epigenetic (histone) developmental (switching off growth driving interconnections) reprogramming

- ahhh!!

So - autistic child is born into the state of mind at stage wisdom - ie highly interconnected web formation at the level of mind + sensory perception -
- explaining away the 'savant' properties of autism and also the sensory overload (Intense world).


A metabolic basis to autism and schizophrenia (schizophrenia - as evidenced by the Dutch Hunger Winter where schizophrenia levels elevated).


It's all metabolism.
And it's all overcome by eliminating psych. distress (allow people to settle into theta EEG daydreaming) and eating towards maintaing stable blood glucose (high carb low GI ie plenty of vegetables)

- until we've hit wisdom (entering healthy ageing territory) where we've gotta' shift into ketosis - to facilitate transition from:

growth [development - blood glucose elevation reward strategy] -> through completion of mind and completion of highly connected 'VPA' sensory perception network -> into 'Intense world sensory reward strategy' and altered food intake properties.

The autistic child is being born into the wisdom structure of mind / doors to perception opened - before they're ready - supposed to be through ketone-driven neural re-connections post-wisdom.

Or perhaps - it's better to suggest that from the age of 5 there's a transition away from blood glucose into ketone usage which completes at wisdom - with complete loss of the blood glucose reward strategy paradigm.

05-31-14, 04:51 AM
So autism definitely represents premature wisdom structure of mind / open doors to perception explaining away savant properties and sensory overload.

All resulting from a metabolic switch - premature use of ketones in development.

Maternal psych / phys environment must be completely 'rested' ie at theta EEG with stable blood glucose levels to avoid autism.


Remarkable that the simplest of energetic principles explains away everything.
Just a 5 minute non-descript lecture which kids get at O'level - which scales to give us human suffering/disease/disorder.

Pretty impressive !

05-31-14, 05:08 AM
glucose -> <- beta-hydroxybutyrate
'Glutamate' -> <- 'GABA'

We all need some endogenous benzodiazepenes (relaxation!) in our lives.

And eliminating psych and phys stress by making the transition to voluntaryism + eating low GI proper food (the raw fresh organic vegan diet screams out - but maybe whatever (proper food) as long as you eat next to nothing) 'll do it.

Onions really do benefit from a minute's sauteeing to make the delovely.


The female archetype (stop) (GABA nt major inhibitory system) has to rein back the male archetype (go) (GLUTAMATE nt major excitatory system) <- the evolutionary pattern.

Evolution operates on the generation of inhibitory / excitatory balance and evolution through 'the middle'
- inhibition is the eversion of excitation
- and that way we observe evolution of a fundamental substance into structures of ever increasing complexity.

The blind watchmaker is an evolutionary creationist.

05-31-14, 02:42 PM

I have watched with interest as neuroscience has moved from its origins in physiologyPerhaps the most difficult, and at the same time, the most interesting problem in neuroscience, is the nature of consciousnessphysiology -> [neuroscience] psychology -> transcendence [consciousness (frame of boson) synchrony]
--- homeostasis ---

physiology -> neuroscience [the action potential] -> 'Doors to perception'

All the threes, Holy Trinity, The family Huxley.

Sensory reward system activation - AUDIO, VISUAL (or something more ?)

Global voluntaryism (hierarchy of man-free)

~aka~ because it'd bring me a great sense of personal reward so to do.

05-31-14, 03:02 PM
Ditch the blood glucose elevation reward system and switch to a ketosis model (starvation, exercise, caloric restriction, MUFA-rich organic vegan) ... ... and re-arrangement of nerves into the structure as described by the Markham's ie highly interconnected in adulthood.

caloric restriction -> community

General patterns

Crisis sows community garden (
The economic crisis is fuelling the search for less individualistic ways of life [globally] ... ....

06-02-14, 03:45 PM
Over 50 prenatal factors have been examined. The factors associated with autism risk in the meta-analysis were ... gestational diabetes... .

Gestational Diabetes: Testing For Ketones

glucose (physical development) - body - physical development paradigm
followed by
ketone body exposure (highly interconnected neural network formation) - mind / sensory quality - mental / sensory developmental paradigm

The physical development process sets up a blank slate.
Then experience takes over to shape neural intreconnectivity.

Essential point - the transition to wisdom involves loss of the blood glucose elevation reward system (primitive reward strategy) - opening the door to healthy ageing as the individual shifts happily into ketosis

- resulting in (following completion of mind) - sensory quality as new reward scheme.

So - a metamorphic cycle of man - through physical development, completion of mind into happy existence through sensory stimuli alone.

The important part is that we don't have a mind until we have acqiuired wisdom.

A mind isn't a mind until it's enforcedly (globally logically consistent with the wellbeing of people) moral.

Up until wisdom (see psychopathic lawyer sophist politicians) - the mind is just a tool for ensuring individuals acquire money/power at the expense of their fellow man.

06-03-14, 10:04 AM
The Intense World Theory proposes a particular form of brain hypertrophy triggered by an epigenetic insult, which may render the brain excessively reactive to the environment.

Basis to autism and wisdom.

Thing is, is that the epigenetic switch - a switch in food intake from blood glucose elevation to ketosis needs to be flipped
- beta-hydroxybutyrate then (when we're ready) fulfils the role of valproic acid

- and:
"a particular form of brain hypertrophy triggered by an epigenetic insult, which may render the brain excessively reactive to the environment."

Open the doors to perception (enlightenment).

Mechanism - as described by Huxley, as hinted at when people take LSD -
eg intense visuals, no 'thinking' (

In summary, Huxley writes that the ability to think straight is not reduced while under the influence of mescaline, visual impressions are intensified, and the human experimenter will see no reason for action because the experience is so fascinating.

06-03-14, 10:46 AM

body grows (growth,proliferation) <- Insulin, IGF-1, GH
nerves associate <- VPA, ketones

-- different metabolic profiles permissive.

Can't cheat ketones are bypassed if blood glucose elevated - ie gotta' do it naturally.

Trick gotta' kick the primitive reward strategy (pleasure/pain duality of blood glucose elevation) -
- also the reward system at play in the love/desire of money, power
- also the reward system in play as 'good' attempts to vanquish 'evil' (the only evil is the illogic capable by the incomplete pre-enlightenment mind)
- also the reward system in play until pair-bond completion.

Belt and Braces.

Pair bond
Gain wisdom.
Pretty much stop eating carbs.

{The 3 motifs in the Garden of Eden - as Adam and Eve departed ... ... ...}

06-03-14, 11:00 AM
In 3 words - a metabolic switch between quantity (eg cancer model growth/proliferation/migration) and quality (neural re-association).

You are what you eat.