View Full Version : B12 Injections?

05-30-14, 08:23 PM
Okay, so I am (what feels like)very low on B12...I can't absorb it normally (through oral pills/sublingual) the only thing that's worked for me is through injections...

Well, I have this big event coming up this coming Wednesday-Sunday. I have to be very active and can't deal with B12 deficiency symptoms.

I went to the Dr like a while ago and got an injection, but there's basically no way for me to get in in time at this point before next Wednesday.

I am very much suffering from this stupid deficiency...

I have heard about people giving them to themselves....or maybe even getting them done at a pharmacy.

Does anyone have any info on that?

I'm really desperate.....thanks!!!!

05-30-14, 11:49 PM
I have read that while you can give yourself the shot at home, you can't actually buy it without a prescription.

05-31-14, 01:29 AM
Ah, okay. Thanks! :)