View Full Version : Vertical Storage - Your Flattened and Orderly Kit ;)

05-31-14, 09:07 AM
Yo Brothers and Sisters!

This no doubt is not a new concept... I was staring at these two huge mirrors on my wardrobe... not liking them.... was going to cover them with wallpaper or maybe some plant bark or branches artily arranged or something... anyway i digress...

The stuff you use alot.... keys, sunnies, headphones et. al. Desks and flat surfaces don't lead themselves to efficient Adder friendly compartmentalisation.

The things is.... stuff gets on top of stuff! :doh: Secondly, they are not really efficient use of space... one plane negates the entire area... ( thus the piling ;) )

Enter.... da-da da-da darr-darrrrr....

Vertical Storage :)
Photo is crap, but you should get the jist :)

I drilled the frame and zig zagged some twinage ... add a few keyring loops, or carabiners and bobs-your-peduncle :)

You might make a whole wall floating shelves... nail a plank with vertical strings floating down... your convenience is my pleasure ;)

The sky is the limit!!! :giggle: