View Full Version : Teen With Behavioral Problems

06-02-14, 02:09 PM
I was going in and out of JJC and not I am on house bound for 2 years and I am asking people on here who wants to be my friend/brother: males only please respond

06-02-14, 03:51 PM
Hello Jon143, and welcome to the forum. I'm not a teen and I don't want to really interfere, but I expect you'll get more responses when you say a bit more about yourself. There's no need to write everything, just some basics like how old you are and a couple of things about you.

Sorry to hear you're house bound for a while - I hope it turns out okay.

Us ADHDers can be kind of weird, but most of us do our best to treat each other kindly and fairly; I think that's better than what you usually get in the rest of the world. I hope you find some good people here who you can really talk to. I certainly have.