View Full Version : Those of you sensitive to meds

06-03-14, 02:26 PM
I am acutely sensitive to medication (except my mood stabilizer, either that or I needed a serious dosage).

Do any of you experience symptoms the next day if you miss a pill? I had to skip my anti-depressant yesterday and now I'm antsy-manic. I'm wondering if it is because I'm that sensitive to medication.

06-04-14, 05:58 AM
If I skip my meds in the morning for bipolar, I notice by that evening big time! I cant skip meds, the hell I feel and the way I act just isnt worth it.

06-13-14, 12:00 AM
Once I was an hour late taking my anti-depressant and I began shaking. I've now got this rule to take my meds within the same hour I take them everyday. So if I started at 9:40am. I could miss it in between 10 to 10:40am only. I'm also bad at math so I just take my meds around the same time everyday.