View Full Version : Eh. So I'm here again.

06-04-14, 12:56 AM
I may have to work for my own welfare even though I'm too mentally ill to even be capable of working. I have an appointment with the welfare agency tomorrow so I'll be able to find out what their plans are for me.

But I really just feel like giving up. I can't see an end to this depression.

No one in my family will go the lengths to help me out, even if they just have to drop me at the GP office. I'm kind of having panic attacks about getting there on my own. Unpopulated streets are scary places, everyone might not kill me but I keep thinking they will. I can't believe I'm this far gone.

By the way, I hate hugs.

I don't even know why I wrote this here. I guess I just have to say it.

It feels like nothing is going to save me.

06-05-14, 11:08 AM
Does your GP do home visits?

06-05-14, 11:47 AM
I may have to work for my own welfare even though I'm too mentally ill to even be capable of working.

Yeah, all this stuff of late is pretty terrifying for those who have life integration challenges...

Let's hope the people who regulate disability support in particular the policy makers see the true impact of providing little or no assistance to the people that need it.

Scaremongering to appeal to an affluent majority is sending ripples of fear and uncertainty through a great many disadvantaged in our community.

If you hear about any protests... be sure and lemme know... let's take some cameras and make some noise ;)

Hit me up if you need me. Peace.

06-05-14, 04:48 PM
How did your appointment go, Fractured??

06-05-14, 08:40 PM
I haven't had a GP, Fuzzy, for about 3 years. I'm working on getting a new one.

As for the appointment, it was fine. No more than a check-up. I think the people there were just as uneasy about having us in there as we were. I just had to say whether I was doing any kind of work, like my photography which I said and then I said I was thinking about studying arts/photography. They basically just want to see if we can do some work/study. They promised to keep me on the pension.

I'm still trying to work the GP thing out. My sister said she'll take me but she just goes off at days at a time and then comes back and has completely forgotten about her promise. She did tell me there's a bus that goes directly to the doctor's office though. I still feel anxious about it but I could try it. If that doesn't work then maybe I'll get a taxi. I might see what I can do on Monday. I'll take it easy over these next few days.