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06-04-14, 02:48 PM
Hi I'm trying to understand cell migration, better?


(P. 83)2. Migration: As neurons are born and the brain grows, neurons move.

Often guided by glial cells and a variety of chemical markers (e.g., cellular adhesion molecules, nerve growth factor: NGF), neurons cluster, sort, move and settle into a location in the brain that will be their final “resting” place.

It is the fate of some neurons to settle in the brainstem, others in the cortex, for example.

Cortical cell migration and fate mapping are some of the most studied processes in developmental neuroscience (Rakic, 1981, 1996).

It is clear that both genetic and environmental factors play important roles in determining a neuron’s final location.

Migration takes place primarily during the intrauterine and immediate perinatal period but continues throughout childhood and, possibly, to some degree into adult life.

A host of intrauterine and perinatal insults – experiences such as infection, lack of oxygen, exposure to alcohol and various psychotropic drugs can alter migration of neurons and have profound impact on the expression of genetic potentials for a host of functions (see Perry, 1988).


06-05-14, 07:40 AM
Development of the body - all cells arriving at their appropriate place.

Development of the mind - experience (I can't use the word education here) driving re-association of nerves into a structure which is globally logically consistent with the wellbeing of people.

Development of quality sensing machinery - experience educating neural networks to be able to discern quality ie a similar developmental

Evolution of 'consciousness'
Problem with 'consciousness' is that there needs to be something conscious of something else in order for us to be able to consider that 'consciousness' has evolved.
So - we're looking at our capacity to sample quality (intricacy/complexity of information) representing a perfectly ordinary expectation from an evolutionary program which merely seeks to make increasingly more complex informational structures from itself.

Back round to the idea from several years ago here - "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself"
-- Sagan

ie evolution of consciousness ('creator') requires some evolutionary construct which can 'appreciate' cf lock and key mechanism higher complexity forms of itself.