View Full Version : An amazing turning out of events (a success story... sort of)

06-05-14, 12:34 PM
Major is being changed to Liberal Arts and I'll still be able to graduate this year! It's quite a story, so here's how it goes:

The major was Criminal Justice and I had to complete an internship to graduate, but I really didn't want to study this major to begin with. My original major had been business, which I had switched to paralegal studies, then I moved and ended up studying pre-law at another community college, then studying criminal justice at a 4-year college.

My professors noted that I didn't really fit in for this major (Criminal justice) and I unwittingly broke the news to them that I had ADHD because I signed up for the ADHD shire scholarship. I also attempted to get disability and even added them as a reference. However, in spite of my social behavior problems (talking too much), they saw I did great academically. Looking over my academic history, they noticed I might be able to change my major to Liberal Arts and still be able to graduate this year. They talked to me about it and I suppose they wondered if I'd react, but my attitude was more like "OMG! YES! Sign me up right now!" (because, remember, I didn't really want the major I was studying anyway).

Apparently how it all worked out is that I'd have enough credits to change my major to Liberal Arts with a joint minor in business and criminal justice. At my first college I had studied two business courses and at my current college, I "accidentally" took another business course which I didn't need for my major.

It will be as if I had studied Liberal Arts from the beginning. It's weird how everything got sorted out of what looked like an academic mess! The best part was, the CJ deparment were nice enough to help me figure out how to get me out of it. :)

On a more "spiritual" note, interestingly, as I was thinking about why my professor wanted to see me, I remembered that in one of my classes I had to do a "practice" job interview and I had mentioned that I didn't really intend on studying Criminal Justice and someone there suggested I could still change my major. Then as I was thinking of this memory, I thought "But how am I going to change my major without wasting more time and money"? Then my mind was impressed with the thought "Oh, you'll see". Take that for what it's worth.

06-05-14, 03:50 PM
Actually, there's one little set back though, turns out I got registered for a business course that requires the understanding of computer coding... the other option I had was to pick theology courses... I'll have to talk to my adviser tomorrow.