View Full Version : Work or school after meds?

06-08-14, 08:42 PM
After you found a med that worked, did work and school just seem easier? Besides listening better, how could you tell?

06-09-14, 04:32 AM
I could tell because my symptoms (emotionally dysregulation, lack of focus, forgetfulness, fidgeting,interrupting, etc ) were improved. I am able to focus better on what I am supposed to be doing and this was in school as well as work or home.

06-09-14, 08:21 AM
I dont know if it made it easier persay, but it gave me mind the ability to concentrate and find answers where as before I would have avoided or just gave up.

So things ain life are still difficult, but when your mind and body is in balance it is better prepared to deal with these things.

07-14-14, 08:11 AM
After medication, a big improvement is, I have less urge to walk around the office and leaving my seat every few minutes and striking up chitchats with co-workers (before that it was a big 'disciplinary problem' for my supervisor who thinks I am in fact disturbing my colleagues keeping them from finishing their work, not to mention he said I looked as if I have nothing better to do (which isn't true, I was just efficient and I couldn't stay still the moment I finished my task). For the longest time he deliberately loaded me up with a lot of task just so he could keep me from moving about)

07-14-14, 11:49 PM
Meds made both work and school a lot easier for me. I don't have to struggle so much to stay on task and I don't fail to remember what I was trying to do a second ago. I also don't daydream as much and I focus so much better and get things done faster and more efficiently. Also my thoughts seem to be more organized on meds and I don't disturb people as much when they're working. I don't avoid work as much and I find it easier not to interrupt people. I feel calmer and more relaxed.