View Full Version : ADHD and schizotypal

06-09-14, 02:28 PM
Anyone else that has both?

I'm doing better now. I haven't taken a PRN Risperidone in almost a month since my last psychosis where I had to take it almost every day because my mind started to create it's own religion (Yay..) hearing and seeing things, more delusions and flat emotions.. Abilify is working really well for my paranoia and I'll be getting it increased.

I have a girlfriend that is antisocial/sadistic/etc.. Don't ask how Schizotypal and Sociopathy can go together because it's not really possible. It's just a freak situation. I think those two personalities are somewhat similar anyways as I'm pretty sociopathic myself except I'm eccentric. Like a psychopath (A sociopath with a twist). A lot of my best friends were sociopaths until I developed schiz

06-11-14, 10:42 AM
I don't have schizotypal but I was suspected of it. I was also suspected of "paranoid personality disorder", which I don't believe made it to the latest iteration of the dsm. If memory serves, which it might not, at one point I was actually given one of them but if have to look at psych record to check and I'm not delving into that ****hole today, so, unsure. I do know I'm not diagnosed with either right now.

That was when I was in my late teens and twenty years ago, but I saw your thread and you're not alone in having or having had that diagnosis here. Not in a majority, for sure and it's not my place to identify others, but there are people who can relate to some of your experiences (I'm not so much the last paragraph, but the first) or at least having been slapped with that label at some point. Glad the medication is working well for you and hope you continue to do well.

Best wishes and welcome