View Full Version : Found wearing an earplug in just one ear helps me keep focused.

06-09-14, 11:42 PM
The thread's title pretty much says it all.

Just the same as others have posted elsewhere here, I depend a lot on earplugs & white or pink noise to keep my focus from becoming swamped & derailed in noisy situations. I'd even go so far as to say it's so beneficial, I depend on it just as much as I do on my ADD-medication. But my focus is best when I'm using both.

Except I can't just shut out the world with earplugs like that in every situation. Sometimes I still need to be able to hear what's going on around me & not get derailed by it, such as to keep on-track serving clients in the middle of a busy open office environment, & etc.

But I recently found a simple remedy for that is to wear an earplug in only one ear & not the other, or to at least leave the other ear unplugged just enough that I can still hear what's coming in just a bit on that other side.

It isn't a cure-all. I can still get derailed or go into a hyper-focused spiral sometimes. But at least it's working out well for me most of the time; seems to be making things easier to manage overall throughout the day, simply by decreasing the amount of audible sensory input I have to deal with roughly in half from stereo to mono.

Then with only one ear plugged like that, what I'm also experiencing is that whole side of my perception & mind is a relatively calm side where I can rest my focus. It affords me some space where I can still think, & that makes it easier to sort out whatever is coming in on the other side.

Except it only seems to be beneficial in my case when I plug my left ear & use my right ear as my listening ear; turning that arrangement around & trying to use my left ear as my listening ear just makes my focus even worse instead of better.

Anyhow, it might not work for everybody. But other ADD-ers sensitive to noise may want to give plugging just one ear like this a try. Except some readers like me may also have to experiment with it a bit to find which side works best for them.