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06-10-14, 03:32 AM
Front page of The Times today

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06-10-14, 10:14 AM
Looking for help for a dog with Inflammatory problems.

The number of grain-free foods becoming available is astounding.

Are we all simply becoming grain / sugar intolerant ? designed to eat only low GI foods.

'Wheat belly' and 'The bitter truth about sugar' are leading the way

- I think we're killing ourselves with our taste for sweet (fructose is the sweetest sugar) and high GI lectin (immunogenic) containing grains.

Maybe we should all be eating to this specification.

0% grain
Guaranteed GMO-free
Soya and dairy free
No artificial colouring, flavourings or chemical preservatives

Eliminating high GI, excitotoxins (glu-ten tamate, soya, maize, dairy), gluten exorphin/caseomorphin, lectins.

They kill our doggies and they're killing us too.

What's the answer ?
See threads on 3 day fasts and vegan ketogenic (perhaps vegan cyclic ketogenic) diet.
Sure - tendency to raw veganism, cold pressed oils etc ... ...

But mostly fasting.