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06-10-14, 02:21 PM
I don't know if this has been posted, but a friend of mine posted this article on their Facebook page yesterday and I thought I'd share.

Part I

Part II

06-10-14, 02:25 PM
And a rebuttal of sorts:

A post here at Psychology Today created real interest in the possibility that French children may be less likely to be diagnosed and treated for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In fact, however, the prevalence of ADHD among French children appears to be about 3.5% to 5.6% - which is consistent with the DSM-IV-TR estimate of prevalence in the US. And, just as in the US, the diagnosis was frequently co-occurring with behavioral disorders and academic underperformance, and boys were more likely than girls to receive a diagnosis of ADHD.

Here's the paper ( the author of the blogpost above got his numbers from.

06-10-14, 07:27 PM
The rest of the world really has to catch up. Why is France the only country where the single known cure for autism is even legal!!! Everyone gets so sensitive about children wrapped in freezing wet towels (

It just shows how far advanced is French psychotherapy, and it's no wonder they don't have ADHD. Kind of like no homosexuality in Iran ( Real cutting edge!