View Full Version : Latuda helps my ADHD

06-10-14, 03:49 PM
I take Latuda for bipolar depression, it also seems to steady my mania as well, though it's not indicated for that. I've always been more ADHD then bipolar. I take 80 mgs a day of dexedrine with the latuda and what i've noticed is that the latuda seems to help my ADHD.

I have felt more organized and together since taking it. I've found that latuda completely negates any side effects from my dexedrine, such as occasional anxiety. I don't know if Latuda would work for ADHD people but it seems that Latuda protects the NMDA receptors, which was shown in the Dizocilpine studies.

In short, Latuda has been a miracle for me, it's given me clear focus and i'm doing well in my classes now because of it. I've experienced no side effects either. I take between 20-30mgs a day.

06-25-14, 04:31 PM
Thanks. Good to know. I may try it. What are the side-effects?

09-11-14, 02:10 PM
Side effects are mild, but at too high of a dose it can make me sleepy or really fidgety/restless physically. No side effects are noticed at a normal dose of 15 mgs bi daily, so it's kind of been a miracle drug for me. My doc told me he's had tremendous success with it and that he was skeptical of it at first. Which is true, because he originally told me back in January that he was uncertain of it until he had more information.