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06-11-14, 09:06 AM
Hi everyone, as titled I am very new to treating my diagnosis of adult add.

Last year was when I first got the diagnosis. I wrote my doc a letter because I felt like just talking to him I wouldn't remember everything and my thoughts wouldn't sound as organized as they do when I write. It basically outlined that I was miserable but didn't think I was depressed. I felt overwhelmed, had zero focus, concentration, patience, or tolerance for stress. Yet I didn't feel sad. I felt pathetic, but not sad. I was unhappy with my life and obviously upset about that but as far as depression goes I was sure that wasn't it. We discussed the letter, we did a series of personality tests, and to my shock he offered up ADD as a diagnosis and wrote me a script for concerta. I never filled it and let things escalate over the year.

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I saw my doc and happily filled the script freeing myself of any guilt for something that is beyond my control. I've seen a psychologist, biofeedback therapist, and immersed myself in a ten month yoga teacher training program that has a large component of meditation. Nothing was working so I finally gave myself permission to get better. I am so glad I filled it!

I got the script for 18mg and didn't notice much of a difference. My hubby noted that I backed into the drive way, something I never do, and that I didn't over react when he flicked water at me after doing dishes. Not sure that the med would help with that but it seemed to affect my mood very subtly.

After about 4 days I took two of them to see if I'd notice more of an effect. The first day around 4 pm I felt very odd. I couldn't pinpoint what was off but I was feeling very hot and clamy and like I was white even though I wasn't. It last only about a half hour and then I was fine. The next day it happened around 5pm but only lasted a couple seconds. From there on I've been good on the double dose. I saw my dr yesterday and told him the results and he wrote a script for 36mg.

I haven't noticed many side effects or at least I'm not feeling negatively towards them. I wake earlier, stay up later, and I don't feel like **** all day. My appetite has plummeted but I'm eating breakfast before I take them and then forcing myself to eat lunch. By dinner I can eat and by the time the meds wear off I could eat everything in my house.

If you're still managing to eat during the day does anyone else still feel famished by 10? If so any tips? I really can't afford to binge eat at night because over the last year I've gained weight from using food as a security blanket.

I know this is getting long so I'm going to try to cool my jets but just quickly one more thing. I have also used marijuana since I was 13. At first it was recreationally with my mom but it quickly escalated to a coping tool for stress and anxiety. So now at 26 I don't really know how to deal with my emotions. At all. I'm so sensitive and defensive and I just don't do well in any kind of stressful situation. If I know I have to do something that will trigger my anxiety I smoke first to avoid the feelings and then smoke right after to numb any feeling that sneakily lingered in passed the buzz. But it really seems to be hindering the concerta. I feel like it takes away the full potential of the medication. I'm trying to slow down but it's very difficult given that I've used it my entire adult life.

Ok, that's enough boring me stuff for now. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

06-11-14, 11:02 AM
for sure MJ will hinder the concerta and it makes adhd 10x worse. It might be worth seeing and addictions counselor to break the habit because over the long term its just not effective treatment for adhd.

06-11-14, 11:51 AM
It seems odd to need such a resource for such a mild substance, but in all honesty, I know I couldn't do it without some help. I know it doesn't help with my add, it helps with regulating my moods.

I have been a daily user my entire life and just don't really know how to deal without it. In the past quitting was never even a thought because without it I'm just non functioning, too sensitive to deal with day to day stuff.

Now that I'm finding the concerta helping so much I'm wondering if maybe it would be easier to be less sensitive. I'm feeling better about myself as a result of the meds making simple accomplishments possible and I think a huge reason I am so sensitive to the littlest things is because I have such a negative self image. However, in the last little while that is really starting to change! I'm feeling much better about myself because I'm actually working towards my goals.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll talk to my benefits to see what is available as far as addictions counselling goes.

06-11-14, 12:30 PM
If you're still managing to eat during the day does anyone else still feel famished by 10? If so any tips? I really can't afford to binge eat at night because over the last year I've gained weight from using food as a security blanket.

I feel famished on days that I don't take my meds. On medicated days, my appetite is not only non existent but the thought of food puts me off. I still force myself to eat and the advantage is that now I can actually make food choices based purely on what I think is best for me at that moment (rather than appetite :rolleyes:).

Do you manage to eat during the day? Do you still feel famished at 10pm? Maybe you could try filling up on fibre and proteins in the evening to keep you full for longer. Flax seeds work a treat!!

Also make sure you drink plenty of water. Sometimes dehydration can feel like hunger rather than thirst.

Don't go hungry but could you keep a selection of healthy snacks that you could have at 10? e.g. fruits (apples are really good at reducing hunger!!)

06-11-14, 04:13 PM
I have no appetite and the thought of food makes me feel like I'm so full already that I might be sick, even if I haven't eaten since breakfast, which I do before my meds. I'll eat a very small lunch by sheer willpower and not appetite. By dinner I can usually manage to eat something small if I try. But then when the meds wear off at around 10 I feel sooo hungry.

It's very difficult to snack during the day because I'm already forcing down that small lunch, usually a veggie wrap. But eating things like apples and flax seed are great ideas for if I'm starving at 10. I just hope that it gets better/easier to eat during the day.

I usually drink a lot of pop but I don't even want that, I crave water all day because I have a dry mouth.

Thanks for the tips. I'll def try to keep some healthier snacks available because the choices I'm making late at night are coming from a ravenous appetite and usually aren't the smartest.

06-12-14, 03:13 AM
I'm on 54 mg Concerta. I always eat breakfast, but for lunch I'm usually able to eat some but I'm not really hungry. Come dinnertime my appetite is usually back in full force. I do get the dry mouth, and I also get dehydrated a lot easier, but that may also be a result of my blood pressure medication.

Best of luck to you!

06-12-14, 11:47 AM
I'm not on Concerta, but I do take stimulants, and I certainly am starving when the meds wear off. I skip meals sometimes during the day or eat less than usual, but once the meds wear off I could just eat anything. I like fuzzy's suggestion of trying to fill up on healthy snacks like apples and flax seeds.

OT, but Fuzzy, what do you do with the flax seeds? Are they big and you just eat them whole? Or are they tiny little seeds you put in other foods like yougurt? *confused*

06-12-14, 12:01 PM
OT, but Fuzzy, what do you do with the flax seeds? Are they big and you just eat them whole? Or are they tiny little seeds you put in other foods like yougurt? *confused*

You can buy them whole and grind them yourself or buy them pre milled (or pre-ground). Apparently, grinding them (or buying the milled ones) is better as it makes them more digestable and it becomes easier for your body to absorb the nutrients.

Just keep in mind that once they are ground you can't store them for too long as the oil in them becomes rancid quickly.

I usually sprinkle 1-2 table spoons of ground flax seeds on my cereals in the morning but you can add them to anything you like, yogurt, salad, anything really. You can also add them to flour when you are baking bread, cakes, muffins, etc.

Start with smaller amounts and drink plenty of water though so they don't mess up your digestion (i.e. cause constipation).

They don't taste extremely great (actually they taste like nothing..or sand as hubby says :rolleyes:) but you quickly get used to it.

I think they are brilliant as they not only keep me full for very long but they also slowly release energy so I don't feel tired. They are also high in omega 3 but it's in the form of ALA (rather than DHA or EPA, contained in fish oil, which is more easily absorbed by the body.)

Sorry...I'm rambling. I love flax seeds!! :lol:

06-12-14, 01:10 PM
Welcome to the other side!

06-13-14, 02:36 AM
You can be depressed and not feel sad. I had severe depression and only rarely felt sad. I was mostly angry and feeling like you did. But the symptoms are easy to confuse with ADHD symptoms.

Stims + MJ = not a good idea, unless you want to hallucinate like crazy. It might be a mild substance but it's clear you have an addiction/dependence. People can get like that over coffee and still think they're fine.

The way I handled that feeling famished time was controlling the size of meals, and no more than two snacks, and then to bed early. I'm actually struggling with an increased appetite on my meds. I can't afford to eat more though.
Fuzzy is right though: go high protein, low GI and anything else that will fill you up quicker.

If you've got dry mouth then, now this is imperative: rinse your mouth with dry mouth mouth wash. Take care of those teeth.

Will not eating enough (what you feel is enough) really be bad for you? I usually only eat before I get a blood sugar crash, but when I get hungry I don't feel that sick so I can usually wait.