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06-12-14, 04:19 PM
I need a psychiatrist in the Rochester, NY area who specializes in Adult ADHD and is willing to write prescriptions if appropriate. My primary care physician agrees that I have ADHD but doesn't feel comfortable prescribing anything. I'm tired of other doctors telling me to read a book about getting organized or go to coaching. That won't help with the constant sluggishness that I feel.

Can anyone please recommend a specific pdoc near Rochester who specializes in Adult ADD and who is aggressive enough to write prescriptions?

I'm new to this forum, but I think you can e-mail me directly if you prefer.


06-13-14, 12:25 AM
Im actually in rochester as well. On monday i will go to Dr Vincent Ragonese which is a psychologist my PCP referred me too. he will test me for adhd althouh he said i takes two visits generally. Then my doctor will prescribe me afterwards in which i am seeking out a possible adderall in the morning and vyvanse later scenario based on what i am reading but im not sure how that all works out or how i will respond honestly. Im new to this whole thing

06-13-14, 05:06 AM

This may help.