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06-16-14, 12:06 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am 29 years old, Female, and I am taking several medications(hormones) related to pituitary dysfunction. All of my hormones are balanced, but what I am having an issue with is my antidepressant. I am currently taking Effexor & Trazadone, but before that I took Zoloft.

In 2008 and 2009 I began to take effexor, but I had noticed several probelms while taking anything that messed with Serotonin. When I started taking Zoloft I became an insomniac, every little thing would set me off especially the smallest noise, I also developed a new symptom which I call assembly line brain or brain stuck......patent pending....

these symptoms include difficulty with finishing the most simplest of tasks, for instance, I was taking a quiz for school, I got a low score and went back, but I kind of just instinctively clicked on the graphic for the test because both graphics look identical....I just didn't read it.... it was kind of instinctive.

Example Number Two, I was speaking with my mother and she asked me to throw away some trash in the trashcan, I had a cup in my hand at the time, so I go over and without paying attention throw the cup in the trash instead of the trash that I was suppose to throw, it was almost instinctive.

I feel like now I just do things without slowing down and actually seeing what I am doing. I kind of feel like my brain is an assembly line it's more concerned with completing a taks and it forgets about the quality.....I feel as though I'm always rushed, my brain is constantly over stimulated, and I feel like I have to get more stimulation, like T.V. Internet, Phone, Gossip.

I can no longer meditate or relax like before, but the biggest thing is I've completely lost my ability to focus. I just walk into a room and forget what I was doing there. Before taking medication I had an excellent memory. Now, I'm even lucky I have a 4.0 in college despite the fact that I have to drop economics due to the fact that I can't focus enough to get a nice grade.

I am now as well taking cabergoline a (dopamine agonist) because I had a prolactinoma. Cabergoline helped a little, and then it was back to the old routine. I won't lie, before taking antidepressants I had mild symptoms of ADHD/ADD, but I could still function, now I feel as though my mind is just gone.

It sucks, and I've always wanted to be a nurse, and I can't be one if I can't even give a patient the right medication. I was taking adderal, but I quickly became overstimulated to the point where I became a psychotic angry teeth grinder...

I took stratera, but I had anxiety so bad I would vomit. It's kind of like I'm constantly caught up in this storm and my cerebrum is just a passanger.....I was wondering can effexor cause ADD/ADHD, or worsen it, do I actually have ADD or ADHD. I am at my wits end honestly, I just want to be back to some sense of normalcy..

06-16-14, 08:20 PM
The effexor works in low doses as an ssri, and in high as an snri, so in the high dose it works as an stimulant, i took pristiq for 4 years wich is the active metabolite of effexor, it made me verry energetic, i also dranked with the concerta, wich it helped alot with the energy. Im currently on cymbalta