View Full Version : Struggling with bipolar depression. Medication?

06-16-14, 10:32 PM
I'm bipolar. And take lamactal and seroquel. Oh yah adult ADD and adderall for that. I've experienced several traumatic events in the last year. Huge stress. Things are beginning to calm down a little.

I'm depressed, more lately. Not a huge shock given everything that had happened. Not the can't get off the bed cry at drop of a hat depressed. But depressed none the less.

Usually the lamactal and seroquel do the job and keep me reasonably level. But I need to explore going on antidepressant.

I struggled during the holidays and pdoc put me on bupropion. Didn't do much good.

Question: what are other options? I tried lexapro several years ago. Didn't go we'll.

06-17-14, 05:21 AM
I am BPII and I take cymbalta (SNRI) lamictal and geodone. They keep me stable.

06-17-14, 05:48 PM
Doc said Cymbalta was one of the best meds to treat depression as it also helps with anxiety (which seems to be depression's bff). I also take Adderall XR ...jury's still out on if it helps/hurts depression.
Anyway, research cymbalta. It's worked for me over the years. Now there's even a generic form. Not much if at all different from brand name!!
Therapy has helped immensely. Took me years to realize there's no stigma associated with it and it's it's just done wonders with helping my depression and anxiety.
I can totally relate. This last year has been pretty BAD.
Good luck and take comfort in the fact that you're not alone!

06-18-14, 05:27 AM
As far as I know lamotrigine is one of the few mood stabilisers that helps with depression in bipolar disorder. The other one is lithium I think.