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06-18-14, 06:31 AM
I suffer from cronic pain because I have a severe Restless Legs Syndrome which is treated with opioids (Morphine) and Carbamazepine.

Is there any1 else here who is taking stimulants together with pain medication and has some experience to share?

I have the feeling that the opioids and the Carbamazepine have a negative effect on the stimulants.

Thank you.

06-19-14, 04:42 AM
For me, opiates are very stimulating so I could never take them with my adderall.

06-21-14, 08:06 AM
I also have chronic pain from a radial head fracture in my left arm that required two surgeries and there are a few inches of bone no longer there. I take oxycodone (Percolone) 5mg 3x/day. I can't take Percocet because I'm allergic to Tylenol.

It works quite well and is far less distracting to me than I found the the other opioids (Hydrocodone makes me positively loopy!) There is a theory that it is more of a k-opioid agonist than a -opioid agonist like all the other opioids in general use. So it stimulates a different dopamine receptor and acts differently. I'd try it if you haven't yet, although it has been demonized mainly in its time-release form OxyContin. Funny how the instant release doesn't get so much attention! lol