View Full Version : Pregnant and on day 5 of no meds

06-18-14, 09:24 AM
Shortly after having my daughter I was diagnosed with ADD inattentive. I struggled with it for a long time but never realized that was what I was dealing with since my brother was adhd hyperactive so that was what I always pictured and I was completely the opposite of him growing up. I started on 54mg of concerta and it changed my life. I started my own business and started loving working which was in contrast to counting down the seconds of work and barely getting things done prior to medication. I enjoyed my time with my daughter and felt like I could manage my housework and life for the first time ever.

Now I'm pregnant. My doctor had said a few times if I got pregnant I would have to discontinue the medication as it was a class C so the morning I got my positive test I didn't take it and haven't since, now currently on day 5. I'm getting nothing done and I feel so depressed and anxious. Not about the baby though, I'm extremely happy to be pregnant. I'm sure the hormones aren't helping my situation but just wondering if anyone came up with anything that helped their ADHD while pregnant???

06-18-14, 12:55 PM
I have not been on meds for a long time and am working on skills to help cope with ADD. Nothing will work like meds but to start exercise helps, along with healthy eating. I find when working on boring tasks it helps to listen to good music or interesting podcasts. I am starting a session with an ADD coach this afternoon and will get back with any information that might be useful. I am
I am waiting to see a psyc about meds- I also have four kids so I can feel your pain! Good luck!

06-19-14, 04:34 AM
I am convinced that pregnancy wreaks havoc on your brain! In all of my early pregnancies it was like I had no brain and no motivation. It wasnt until I hit the 4-7 month mark that I was more 'normal'.