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The Prestige
06-18-14, 01:43 PM
Hi everyone,

Last february (2014), after many doubts about my ''something's wrong with me'' hunch and 2 years of intensive research through books, exposés,the web, and even ADHD groups, I finally got diagnosed by a higly reputed neuropsychologyst with ADD at the age of 31 years-old. At first, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders because I finally got an answer out of my streak of bad lucks, bad decisions and that ''unremovable curse'' surfing upon me.

By then I knew medication was the answer. The day I went to the doctor's office to get my prescription my blood pressure that was a at whooping 220 SYSTOLIC/140 DIASTOLIC!!!! The doctor told me to go to emergency A.S.A.P.!!! I was terrified. And for a good reason, I got hospitalized during 8 days find out that I've got an enlarged heart working at 80%. Furthermore, my kidneys aren't filtering my blood properly. The cherry on the cake is the cause is unknown. That was back in April.

I guess you get the idea. I cannot take any stimulants because of my blood pressure. To treat my actual condition, I take 4 medications every morning; Amlodipine, Atorvastatin, Coversyl and Hydrochlorothiazide. Being an ex-college Football player, I got back to the gym, my alma mater very quickly. I now train 3-5 days a weeks. My nutrition is on check and I doing this intermittent fasting program that yields great results for fat loss.

The more days and even weeks go by, the more I believe I might have a genetic deficiency. Because even though my blood pressure isn't as life threatening as it use to, it is still high for medical standards (130-140 range/85-95 range). This means I might never get the opportunity to get the proprer treatment for my ADD...what a bummer "/$%/?%"(&()&"|##!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there an ADD medication that plays no role whatsoever in increasing the blood rate?

Thanks in advance. :thankyou:

07-02-14, 09:00 AM
Can't believe no one has replied...Only thing I can think of is ask your doctor about Wellbutrin, and Strattera...I believe Namenda is a great alternative for ADD. But I believe that it is in combination with other medications and that it probably won't do the trick for "ADD" so to speak, alone.

As far as "natural" alternatives are concerned. Such as herbs and vitamins. I would definitely try Magnesium-Taurate{Pureformulas has a great version of that}. You can't get this at a regular pharmacy. You have to order it online. Fish-oil that has 500mg of DHA in it per capsule 2 X a day.

-"Monoamine Amino Acid Precursors

Monoamine amino acid precursors have been proven to be effective in cases with ADHD. They can help increase the amount of various neurotransmitters in the brain. If taken in the correct amounts under a controlled protocol, theorhetically it is possible to reduce attention-deficit symptoms while maintaining healthy brain functioning. All monoamines are derived from amino acids like tyrosine, tryptophan, and thyroid hormones. These are thought to play crucial roles in emotion, arousal, and cognitive function.

It should be noted that it is recommended to work with a professional if you are considering a formula with several (or all) of these substances to help treat your ADHD condition. Although many are available over-the-counter (OTC), they can still have a powerful effect on mental functioning and should not be improperly used.


-Zinc (Supplementation)

Taking Zinc has been shown to be effective at reducing symptoms of ADHD. Supplementation of Zinc is especially helpful amongst individuals that have low zinc. If you already have low levels of zinc in your body, this could be a reason for experiencing ADHD symptoms in the first place.

However, even if you don’t have lower-than-average levels, supplementation of this substance has been studied and seems to be a legitimate supplement to try. Obviously this is not going to work for everyone, but it may work like magic in people that are unaware that they have low zinc levels.


-Magnesium + Vitamin-B6 Supplementation

The supplementation of Mg-B6 has been studied in a group of 40 children with classic ADHD. It was found that supplementation of Vitamin-B6 and Magnesium significantly reduced the classic symptoms of ADHD after 2 months of treatment. This may be an effective treatment option for people with low levels of these vitamins.

It was noted that when treatment with Mg-B6 was stopped, the participants experienced a relapse in symptoms of ADHD. It should be known that if you have low levels of magnesium, this could be the root cause of your symptoms. However, even if you are not deficient in these vitamins, supplementation may prove to be therapeutic"

Hope this helps:-)

The Prestige
07-04-14, 05:22 PM
Thanks for the reply brother. I started to think there was something wrong with my post. I can totally relate with the ''natural'' alternatives. Which I did try already. I take 4 capsules of Fish oils everyday and honestly feel a small difference. But the claims of the ''Fixed brain'' effect from the medication sound definitely more appealing... I'll try the products you've mention, we never know.

07-04-14, 06:16 PM
Also, look into meditation and mindfulness. There are several threads on the topic. Using those techniques in addition to your exercise regime should have some extremely beneficial results... It may even help lower your blood pressure.

07-15-14, 12:41 AM
I'm so sorry you're going through this:(. I hope you get better soon.

You could try omega 3, as far as I know it's good for your heart and helps some people focus better. Also co-Q10, magnesium, potassium are good for the heart. But you should probably consult with your doctor before you take these supplements. Also, exercise could overexert your heart I would strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor and make sure that you're not doing more than your heart can handle. You may also want to get tested for heart infection (e.g. endocarditis, Myocarditis), just to make sure that that's not causing your heart related problems.

Have you tried functional or alternative medicine (if you can afford it)? Functional medicine doctors combine traditional medicine with alternative medicine to try to find the cause of complicated medical problems that traditional medicine can't explain. But you'd have to do some research and go to a really good doctor, because there are a lot of fake ones out there who just want your money. But some functional medicine doctors are really good and may be able to help you. The problem is that insurance often doesn't cover all the tests that they do and some of the herbal medicines they prescribe so it's probably going to be a bit pricy.