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06-19-14, 10:56 AM
greetings all,

before anyone is like, holy ****, peri had a kid when? it's not me :)

but i am hoping some of the collective wisdom here can give me some places/articles/books/reassurance to point her to. and why don't i just have her join? well...despite her being well aware of my mental health issues, aaallll of mine, sadly, she's not aware that i'm a moderator on a public mental health forum. :o yeah, so ...maybe that's a revelation for some future date, but not right now. that said, she is a fish out of water and here's the basic situation:

he's three and a half and non verbal, loving, but has frustration and was in preschool last year and is very clearly behind peers, which (non verbal plus clearly being behind peers in ways at school) prompted the developmental assessments--undertaken over the course of a week plus, and diagnosed this week. and she's really wanting to try and understand and help her child. they're getting interventions (doubling up on speech therapy, starting occupational therapy), but would like any info i have or resources i can point her to.

she's wanting to better understand autism generally. is there a narrative experience you've read that is helpful? or hopeful? you know what i mean? her child is assessed as being on the mild end, but because non verbal she read something saying 25% of people with autism never speak and she's now like, what if he never talks? which i doubt is going to be the case, but he is far behind peers and i really don't know. then she was also like, did i cause this? which i doubt it's anymore possible than causing yourself to be born red headed, but then there is so much stuff on the internet and celebrities being like, innoculations cause and ****. i feel for her.

anything that helps her to have an idea of how to help, what he might be going through, etc, i'd appreciate.

cheers x

06-19-14, 11:12 AM
I found this to be brilliant. If this is what you mean by narrative..

06-19-14, 11:35 AM
yes, most defo what i mean by narrative, cheers :)

08-02-16, 04:51 PM
This is such a great article. Loved it.

08-02-16, 05:04 PM
Can anyone recommend more resources? Such as, what are all the different parts of the brain, and how does autism affect each one? My son's diagnosis recently got changed from ADHD to Aspergers, it all makes so much sense. But now I'm eager to get started on researching Aspergers - would love any and all scientific (medical, clinical psych, etc.) articles/research. I'd also be especially interested in research on Aspergers and high intelligence. My son has a ridiculous level of intellectual curiosity and is in all advanced classes. His only academic deficit is probably writing, in which he scores "on grade level". I thought I'd be sad at his diagnosis going to a more "severe" disorder, but I'm surprisingly relieved. It explains all his sensory meltdowns and a lot more, and actually has made me less worried about them - I didn't know what was happening to him. (the severe meltdowns started more recently) Eager to read, thanks in advance.

08-04-16, 02:21 PM
i can give you one that i recently read:

ten things every child with autism wants you to know

i thought it was an easy read and shed some light on sensory issues, especially.