View Full Version : HPDers and BPDers: How do you choose your partners?

06-20-14, 04:07 PM
I seem to attract your - kind - like a magnet, so I'm curious.

06-27-14, 11:24 AM
I'm still not convinced I've got BPD, but I've always chosen my partners (and friends) based on how interesting or exciting I found them to be.. :rolleyes:

06-27-14, 11:36 AM
I'm not in the least bit exciting :rolleyes:

06-27-14, 11:44 AM
Excitement lies in the eyes of the beholder!!

I don't think that the objects of my attraction necessarily always thought they were extremely exciting. On the contrary.

In general, people tend to find the things that excite me boring..and vice versa:rolleyes:

06-27-14, 12:06 PM
Why do you think that HPDers and BPDers are attracted to you Abi?

06-27-14, 03:13 PM
No idea.

That's why I made this thread.

06-27-14, 03:23 PM
I used to attract drama, too. BPD, untreated bipolar, etc. I think for me it was the intensity of relationship that attracted and then snuffed out the relationship. Hard to say what attracts from the other side. For at least one of mine, tho, it was the fact that I was depressed, shiftless, aimless, almost identityless, and became a "project", someone to be fixed up and cheered up.