View Full Version : Are non-stimulants the better option for inattentive ADD?

06-25-14, 02:25 AM
I daydream, analyze, and narrate constantly while not on medication; my life is a never-ending cascade of random thoughts. I've always relied on Adderall to focus, but lately stimulants tend to increase my thought activity. Sure, I can focus better, however it's very difficult to hold conversation or be receptive to things happening around me because my head is still cluttered with thoughts and distraction.

It never used to be like this; Adderall has always improved all aspects of ADD and made life easier, now it increases my anxiety and makes life a social nightmare.

Are non-stimulants like Strattera a better alternative for my situation? My mind is already hyper enough.

06-25-14, 02:01 PM
I am the same way. I can focus better when I am doing something while on stimulants, but in between I still day dream and have random thoughts pop in. That's where it becomes frustrating, so I can relate to what you are saying.

As for the question of non stimulants better? I don't have experience with drugs such as Straterra. I do know that it takes a couple months for it to be effective.

06-25-14, 08:44 PM
Strattera was a miracle pill for me!

06-25-14, 11:38 PM
This is something I'm interested in too. I'd like to be more focused, less distracted, but also fairly level, not up and down like a yoyo on the stimulants. How does it combine with coffee, seeing as you can use caffein as the stimulant if needed.

06-26-14, 03:00 AM
Stimulants are considered a first line treatment for adhd but this is not a definite. I am not sure if stimulants are better for inattentive adhd or not but if you had success with adderall at one point it may be worth it to look into treating your anxiety as well as adhd.

06-26-14, 06:15 PM
I am diagnosed Inattentive, and have taken Strattera for about a year and a half. This has been the only medication I have taken. It has definitely reduced the daydreaming, constant internal dialog, random thoughts that have cluttered my mind. And I have been sleeping better than I have in decades, though I don't know if that can be attributed to medication.

It did, however, take some time before my focus improved, or my procrastination to diminish. These are still problems, though getting better as I regain trust in myself.

06-26-14, 08:09 PM
That's kind of what I want. No highs, but not spaced out and unmotivated.

How do you go having coffee with that?

06-26-14, 08:56 PM
Not to get all Travis Bickle on you, RobboW, but........

If so, I'll answer.

I don't drink coffee often, I'm a tea drinker and my sensitivity to stimulants was why I didn't want to use them for ADD. However, a little caffeine seems to work well with Strattera. I take it in the morning and it helps to have a cup or two of black tea in the hours after. Helps with focus.

06-26-14, 11:00 PM
it depends on the day for me, sometimes coffee is the perfect 'up' i need. but if i already have anxiety (which is the worse because you don't know if it came from the adderall or because you are TRULY stressed), i try to stay away from it. Overall i'd say that coffee has no real change in my behavior. Then again i've always been a large coffee drinker.

Here's a suggestion, instead of drinking coffee, eat an apple. it gives 'energy' similar to coffee, but of course doesn't taste as good. I swear by them, anytime i need a pick me up, i eat an apple. The energy lasts longer too, it's hard to tell if you are 'lacking' brain-wise because lack of sleep, ADD, depression from the ADD, anxiety from the adderrall giving you brain stalls...etc.

06-29-14, 05:40 PM
I started with adderall 25mg xr. I liked the motivational energy boost and ability to get all of my daily tasks completed in a timely manner. I did notice that I became obsessed and somewhat of a perfectionist on adderall. It didnt help with my day dreaming and increased my anxiety to a level that just became intolerable to me. Also my impulsiveness actually got worse and ended up costing me a job, I really have trouble with not really having a filter with what I say and adderall amplified that.

Went off of the adderall when my doctor didnt like the rise in blood pressure and heart rate. A little change is normal but mine went up higher than they expected or felt comfortable with. So after I weened off the adderall I started Straterra and slowly upped my dosage every week until we decided 80mg is where I should be. It has really helped with my impulsiveness and my ability to internalize things I normally would blurt out. My focus has improved and I find that I get my tasks done most of the time now. It doesnt give me the motivational boost of energy and "get up and go" that stimulants gave me but I still find, that most days im satisfied with my accomplishments of the day and I can actually sleep more than four hours a day now. Which is nice.

06-30-14, 12:08 PM
Leviathan, that has been my experience, so it's good to hear others. The satisfaction in what I have accomplished in a day has been really important, but I hadn't really looked at it that way, so thanks.

That seems to me to be something that was ALWAYS lacking in me before treating this condition. Always feeling like I could/should/would have done more.

06-30-14, 12:19 PM
Very interesting. I'm taking Ritalin and although it kickstarts me, it often overdoes it. I often start rambling on and on to other people, I can't drive when on it because it makes me drive very hesitant and when it wears off I often feel the same as when I still drank alcohol (what the hell did I say to those people and did I do something stupid?).

Also the jittery nervousness is really prominent and a high price to pay, for me.