View Full Version : Alcohol increasing ADHD symptoms?

06-25-14, 02:41 PM
For the past two months or so I've had, daily, one 'unit' of alcohol in the evening; a 4oz glass of wine, consumed slowly within an hours timeframe; not slammed down.

Before I engaged in this regime I was quite capable of reading for several hours per day. I was not without the usual reveries concomitant with ADHD; reading several pages before my entry into space-cadet land. This was tolerable.

Gradually, might I say, insidiously, my ability to read without distraction diminished inasmuch as currently it is a struggle to read even one paragraph without being transported to lala land.

My desire to read is nonexistent these days and I ascribe that to the alcohol.

The question is: have you had a similiar experience?

06-26-14, 03:41 AM
are you asking if alcohol makes your symptoms worse or just more of them?

06-26-14, 05:29 PM
are you asking if alcohol makes your symptoms worse or just more of them?
I am asking if anyone has noticed regular consumption of alcohol affecting their ability to concentrate, even days after it has been imbibed, which seems to have been the case with me.

07-25-14, 02:02 PM
This is a follow up to this post.

I've actually been able to read for about 15 minutes or so a day for the past few days. I question if the cause of my short reading attention span was the alcohol. In retrospect, I remember being quite fatigued when this all started; I almost altogether stopped my cardio.

Ever so slowly I've been recovering from some sort of flu or energy zapping bug and have been adding cardio back to my routine. I think it was the lack of exercise that did this.

In any event I haven't drank more than a shot or two of vodka per week. I'm hoping this interest and enjoyment of reading continues.

Anyways, that's just an update for anyone that finds this topic interesting.