View Full Version : For Lovers [of Excel] - what's your favourite quickie?

MADD As A Hatte
06-26-14, 10:46 PM
Hi all - This post was prompted by a very nerdy remark by a dear ADDF buddy, who loves Excel. OK, I confess, I love Excel too. In my view, mucking around with a beautifully designed spreadsheet is better than bad sex, any day of the week!! Clearly, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Let's share our favourite Excel things! Links, tips, spreadsheets, anything that takes our fancy.

I love AbleOwl. I don't think we can put links to commercial websites here, so you'll need to look them up. Very clever New Zealand people. I'm Australian, so I don't often say that about NZ folks. Laughing! There are a couple of free subscriptions. And the weekly tip sheet is fantastic. So is the monthly journal.

Here's my current favourite Excel quickie:
This enters the current date, and it won't update automatically.

06-26-14, 11:50 PM
The first bit of wisdom I was ever told about sex was that "sex is like pizza, even when it's bad it's awesome!" A beautiful spreadsheet is also awesome, .. so I'd have to agree, the very best spreadsheets compare nicely with worst case scenario sex ..

Wow, I feel I may be outclassed here. And Excel is my favorite video game EVER, no contest. But I strongly suspect you know WAAAY more than me here,.. like I never heard of "Ctr;-;" or anything like it. I'll subscribe to that newsletter though, maybe I'll learn something. I'll get back to this, .. but mostly I use excel to generate a "frame of reference" to guide real life decisions rather than to calculate an "answer". So pictures help and I guess I obsess over the strong visual representations. So perhaps my answer is "Conditional-Formatting". Allows you to quickly glimpse the relative differences between scenarios and relative sensitivity to different variables.

Wait, actually my FAVORITE excel feature (and this will seem so very basic to you) is the automatic iteration of columns and rows. With a few carefully placed '$' - thingies, you create one little row a few columns long, each one with a very simple calculation or logic function, but all together it incorporates everything .. drag it all the way down as far as you like. Then paste it across and you can do as many variations as you like .. you just need the foresight where to put your '$' - thingies which I find a fun little game to play. Speaking of fun games to play, it goes back to your original analogy, .. even at it's worst if you properly place the '$' - thingy .. :o:o .. same as excel ..